Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to knit socks

I seriously need to take a look at my current queue of knitting projects. Not the UFO's, mind you, but the ones in my head that are not cast on but NEED to be knit up by something or other time.

Okay. 82 year old FIL wants a sage green kangaroo pouch pullover, no hood. I will do this by Christmas. It will be my first sweater for a person larger than myself. I'm intimidated. I have had the LYS get in the color of yarn for me already so I will purchase it soon. Before summer vacation. With the money said FIL sends me for my birthday, so there!

L.A. County Fair socks - Bazaar socks by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (my absolute favorite). I'm spinning the yarn for these with the goal date of June 15. That gives me a month to knit them (shouldn't take that long, but I will have to focus a bit, they are fair-isle after all).

The only UFO that needs to be finished is the baby sweater very soon. Like, I should finish the second front tonight. Yep, I should. We'll see. I am in the middle of the second heel of my Meilenweit socks and it's terrible to stop there. I can't stand it! But I will do it. That baby is almost cooked!

I bought some yarn for DH for Father's Day. Yeah, yeah, for DH? Sure, it is. But he gets to decide what he wants from it and the colorway (from sweet georgia) is called "Angel" designed for a "Buffy" fan (which my DH is also). I hope he understands. Socks, gloves, hat, scarf, whatever, but it has to be by Christmas also, so he can wear it. We live in SoCal where once a year we wear scarf type things. Except we go back east for Christmas. But it's in the queue.

I feel like I SHOULD be knitting things that I'm not knitting now. But I guess it's not that bad.

May 27-June 15: baby sweater, spin for socks
June 15-July 15: Bazaar Socks
July 15-August 31: Whatever
August 31-September 15: lengthen DS's Wallaby
September 15-October 31: FIL sweater
November 1-November 30: DH whatever
December 1 on: Whatever

I just love those whatever times. Guess I can do a cardigan for ME, ME, ME after all! And there is quite a bit of wiggle room in there if I need it. But I do need to go ahead and knit instead of blog surfing some of the time. Eek! Easier said than done!

Happy spinning and knitting!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death!


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