Sunday, February 04, 2007

Do we all have targets on our backs or something?

Man, somebody really hurt my feelings this week. Caused a confrontation and all kinds of stressful unpleasantness.

And now I find that my DD's name has been left off the class list for Valentine's Day. So what happens? She gets cards from the 2 or 3 kids who realize it? But otherwise nothing? That would be fun.

Anybody out there want to hurt DS? Or DH? Apparently we're asking for it.


Blogger Heide said...

Oh man, coming from another mom I can honestly say that requesting the teacher to IMMEDIATELY send out a corrected name list or an addendum is completely is not out of line... in fact, it is a necessity. Your daughter may not have been the only one left off. The spinning stuff is your. Please email me with your snail mail address at hpresson at comcast dot net and I'll get it out this week. I actually feel somewhat liberated by letting the spinning go. My new job is really sucking up the time and energy. Cheers.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

Okay, so I'm on Actifed right now and can't type. Sorry if the previous comment made no sense. I'm going to bed.

9:05 PM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

Honey, immediately send a note to the teacher to rectify this Valentine exclusion. You must know that it is done by the head room parent. I venture to say that the teacher will be pretty p.o.ed that Miss M. was left off. The truth is, the teachers (for the most part) hate this valentine hoo ha because it works the kids up to a froth. I KNOW M's teacher would not, in any way, want MORE angst to be a part of it - a new paper will surely go home immediately. Don't stand on ceremony - do it!

As for whatever was done to you, sweetie, can I fix it for you? Can I do anything to help? Sometimes junk clusters and it seems like the world is out to get you - I am sure that it's happenstance. Really, tho, if there is anything I can do to cheer you...

What did you get at the big Unwind sale? I got some pistachio mohair (which I am going to knit up into fetching mitts for my girl), some white with glitter thin stuff to mix with something else for flashy mitts and then some super chunky, almost unspun swirly stuff. The place was insane... It made me very uncomfortable.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous jessie said...

That stinks. I feel for you more for your child's pain than for your own, because I know how much more it hurts you to have your child hurt, than it does for you to be hurt yourself.

Call the teacher.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous jessie said...

Ack! I just read my comment and it sounds like I may be insane. LOL

I MEANT: It's so hard when someone hurts your child. It hurts more than if someone hurt you directly. Does that make any sense?

Must have more coffee.

3:27 AM  

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