Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Okay, pretty soon this is going to be more frustrating than...potty training!!

I still do not have my camera. I wish they would just send the camera and leave everything else there. Honestly! I cannot blog properly!!

I need to photograph: S2K yarn, new felted slippers, new Fetching mitts, new lace mitts, progress on experiment socks, children, animals, Girl Scouts, it's driving me MAD!!!

OTOH, I have produced some FO's, made progress on the experiment socks, and everyone is healthy (touch wood). Complain, complain.

Our heat has been off for four days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, SoCal. But it's cold! Anytime, landlords! Oh, and how about the plumber we asked for...a month ago?

In happier news, today is the last day I conduct a rehearsal for our children's choir at church. It's been lots of fun, really, but I directed them singing in church last weekend and that was TERRIFYING. I may take a couple of Wednesdays off (I usually am there as a volunteer). It's been great and the kids are great and it will be nice to have Angie back! Now to make my kids practice piano and guitar in anticipation of her starting music lessons again.

Tomorrow starts the new Project Spectrum, yay! And my project will be out of my wonderful S2K yarn, socks! Maybe Pomatamus...I don't know. Not enough for Bayerische (and too variegated). This yarn will be great for jeans and it is lovely and squishy. Progress photos someday...

Have a lovely!


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