Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I took pictures, really I did!

But I left the camera in Pennsylvania. Don't quite know what I will do at DD's birthday party, but I do have a point and shoot, an SLR and access to disposables. What did we do before digital cameras??

The Twisted Knitters experiment is progressing nicely, however, even though I have no photos. The two socks are quite different, especially in the lengths of certain colors for some reason. I spun them with the same amount of fiber but the colors going into the heel are completely different. Also I decided to use the yarn at the other end of the ball for the heels (Hang on Sloopy plied on itself). One ball I have some left over, the other ball ate it all in half a heel. Oh, well. I said fraternal and I meant fraternal!

Moving on to my Spin-to-Knit secret pal project as soon as the birthday party is over. But I did separate out the fiber and put it in a labeled ziploc. Does that count? My upstream pal has apparently gone AWOL so they are trying to set me up with an angel. I never do these things so of course it goes wrong!

I've been rather down since returning from my trip so I cast on my Fetching Mitts out of baby alpaca in yellow/orange (my happy color) and they are cheering me up. If only I could read the directions! I keep knitting and then I think, hey, I wonder if this is really what I'm supposed to be doing. Rip, rip, rip. Luckily, they're small. I'm doing them on 40 stitches instead of 45 since the model in my LYS was out of this yarn and a bit too loose for my hand. I want them a bit snug. I hope that they will be wearable when I'm typing (my work at home job) and will both keep me warm and cheer my line of sight.

I'm going to try to only knit/spin what I want to for a while. There was a long stretch there with a deadline at the end right after another long stretch with a deadline at the end last year (fair socks). I will probably knit socks again for the fair even though I planned to do a sweater. I would rather finish Rogue and a Wallaby for the DS and my mom might want a hoodie but it might take a while. I just don't want to add pressure to my knitting life again for a bit. The socks will come out of my own imagination this time, probably a Turkish stranded pattern with two long color repeating yarns that will happen when they happen. I don't think I need to rely on another designer this time out. Although obviously Anna Zilboorg will have some input...

Have I blathered on long enough without pictures? Here's to hoping the box from PA arrives quickly!

Have a wonderful day! Peace.


Blogger Weaver said...

I was just about to contact them about my seemingly awol upstream too but last night I got an email from her.
I have the yarn for my downstream done (it's drying now). I must remember to get pics of it for the day that I can post it :)
Hope they find you an angel soon! (I told them that I'd be happy to be one, I'm kind of hoping for the reason to spin by getting another partner) :)

The socks sound great! Can't wait to see them

8:22 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

The sock design sounds intriguing. I agree with you. Knit and spin what you like.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Teyani said...

hey there- I'm on a new computer, and cannot locate your email addy, so I am answering here.
The new CMF superwash colors should be available on our website around the end of the month :-)
I have to dye a bunch of them, so we have them for sale.
Glad that you like them!

8:24 PM  

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