Monday, March 05, 2007

Not to make you jealous or anything...

Okay, go ahead be jealous. I have the best S2K pal ever!!

Today I received a gorgeous package from Loribird:

The yarn is her handspun, merino/tencel, 390 yards, and absolutely beautiful! Lori spun it a little thicker this time (to stop my complaining over 10 spi). Now, I would like to point out that I wasn't REALLY complaining; I was just despairing over how long it would take me to actually be able to wear the socks. The color changes are lovely and the yarn is very soft. This new yarn, however, is also shiny!

The roving is Merino/Silk dyed by Lori in colors that I just love, orange, purple. The funny thing is I thought I ordered a colorway very similar to this from Amy Boogie last month to be sent with my Spunky Club roving and Amy sent me Leaf Peep instead. But I love Leaf Peep, too so I just took it in stride. Now here comes the very thing I was lusting after! Thanks so much!

These beautiful gifts were accompanied by (I can't believe she sent this much stuff!) Jasmine soap and pearl stitch markers. I've only ever used little loops of yarn for stitch markers so these are luxurious!

Anyway, for my very first Secret Pal exchange, I've been just so very lucky to have Loribird as my angel!!

In other news, Rogue's sleeves are cast on. I want to finish them by Friday night. I make no claims, however, that I will get it sewn up before Sock Madness starts so the contest will continue...

When I'm avoiding Rogue, I'm spinning some of my Crown Mountain Farms roving in Love Me Tender:

It looks better than this picture and I can't wait to have a pair of socks out of it. I'm spinning it pretty thick so maybe I can wear them before it gets too hot out here. And since I have a plying head for my wheel now, I'm spinning two bobbins to ply together rather than one and then Andean plying.

The Spunky Club roving is so lovely this month. Amy has spun it two ply, I'm planning on a Navajo ply to keep the colors separated. But I don't know when I will get to it, with the contest, the sweater, the sock yarn and that bright laceweight ahead of it in the queue. But soon...

Have a lovely day!


Blogger loribird said...

So glad you like it all!
That Crown Mt. Farms roving is spinning up so nicely... :)

5:27 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

What a splendiferous package. The colors of your yarn and roving are just beautiful!

6:01 PM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

That stuff looks yum. ARe the stitch markers like little beads or something? I have plastic rings myself.

Y'all should see that love me tender yarn - it's coming up really lovely and very soft and yum. I got to see it yesterday.

Far as I'm concerned, you have till next week to get that Rogue done (I said the Ides of March, I believe... ). Slow down... spin a little... make a sock... lol.

What is tencel? I know that delicious shiny stuff you bought at that fair was partly tencel but I don't know what it is made of. Is there a live tencel... like there must be a live mo somehwere so that we can have it's hair (mohair...). incidentally, have you spun that pretty stuff I refered to?

10:37 PM  

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