Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogging Comes to the Rescue!

You might be glad to know (if you're keeping up) that my check finally arrived today!!! Yay!!

And it looks like the whole thing didn't scare the writer off, which is great, if somebody buys the book!

So thanks to all for your good wishes on my rant. I'm absolutely sure that's what made the difference in the universe!

Before I scare you all away again with overuse of exclamation points, we had a great time at the pool today; we are a bit redder than we were and I would say tireder but that we were exhausted before. Kids and I swam, I knitted and chatted, had a nice afternoon with no tears or whining. Bored kids, just add water!

I decided to frog the sock back to the cuff as it was too short and the heel was too shallow for what I want to end up with. Added an inch or so of lace, reknit the heel on 60% instead of 50 and now it looks perfect. How fast can I knit the foot? Sock Madness would say in a day. It's only 49 stitches around, for goodness sake!

I shall leave you with some photos of VBS this year. The kids were so sweet and the fun was tremendous, as always. Thanks to Mary and Angie for always coming through great, to all the people who helped with decorations and volunteering, for including me in the whole process. I wouldn't miss it for the world!


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