Friday, May 11, 2007

Look, Ma, I'm blogging!

Please forgive the overuse of exclamation points. Thank you.

Since I have finally (temporarily) reached a lull, I am back! We have camped, sung, danced, worked, slept and only have a few more stressful things to do before the end of school, yay!

In knitting, after much hemming, hawing, swatching, ripping and yawning, I settled on Scoop du Jour from Chicknits. Here is the first sleeve:

It may be coming out very blue on your monitor, but it is in fact a very saturated violet, pretty much my favorite color in the world. The yarn, S. Charles Merino Cable, does split some and I am contemplating dropping a stitch on the back WAY down and getting rid of a stray ply, but we'll see. The back has reached about 10.5 inches and the end of the second ball of yarn. I have high hopes of getting it done in four balls. Pray for me!

In other news, spinning advances slowly. Here are the Dandylion singles from Spunky Eclectic.

I'm planning to Navajo ply, so they are pretty darn thin. I actually meant to start a different colorway, but pulled this one in a moment of forgetfulness! This yarn might go to the fair this year, as the singles are nice and even and I think they are impressed with chain plying.

The hats have gone to D.C. to my designer and word has it that she likes them. Who knows what will happen now...

Non-fiber related, this is what we were doing last weekend (and preparing for before):

First pic is my Brownie (soon to be Junior!) girl scout troop on our Service Unit camping trip last weekend. Could have been some disasters, but due to our little sister troop and (and their camp stove) coming along, we survived and had a great time!!

Second is my DS rehearsing for our church youth ministries spring concert performance. He was great! He sang, recited a poem, sang some more, had his first lines in a scene!!

Congratulations to both of you for doing such great work last weekend!! And huge kudos to DH for getting DS everywhere and helping out and generally making everything possible! I love you!!!!

UPDATE: Since starting this post, I received my first shipment of Hello Yarn's new fiber club and it took my breath away. I can't wait, plus BFL is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! Thanks Adrian!!

Wish me luck with swimming lesson registration tomorrow!


Blogger Heide said...

The purple sweater is a lovely color. Spinning fascinates me and you are quite the expert. Please keep us updated on how you decide to ply the dandelions. The pictures of the Brownie troop outing and of your son are wonderful! Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

7:00 AM  

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