Wednesday, June 13, 2007

VBS update! [UPDATED]

Yes, that's pretty much all I have going on this week, as when I get home I have enough energy to fall asleep. But today my friend S is taking her kids (3) and mine (2) over to her house to play in the sprinklers. S, you are a goddess!! I will hope to be spinning a bit and not sleeping it all away...

[Update I: had a lovely three hours, thanks S! Spun some, read some Harry Potter, blogged a bit.]

I will also try to take a couple of pictures today of all of the cutie kids. They are great!

[Forgot camera. Tomorrow!]

Speaking of spinning, here are singles of lavender Romney I'm almost done with. They are batts from Woolbearers in NJ:

They look more purple/less gray in real life. This light looked good yesterday, oh, well.

[This bobbin is full. So I wound it off for plying and started my wool/mohair, yay!]

They are destined to be some 2-ply to add to these: The red yarn is also Romney 2-ply from Spunky Eclectic in Leaf Peep (my favorite colorway from Amy so far). I'm hoping I will end up with enough yarn for a felted backpack. I SO need a new purse. It looks like they don't go together, but the Leaf Peep every once in a while has just a little lavender that goes perfectly with the other yarn.

I should be spinning yarn for Fair socks/yarns, as I mentioned last time. But I'm almost finished with this. As soon as I get the Romney plied. I have the fibers picked out for the first go round of Wool/Mohair.

Of course I have also finished Amy's Nightshade singles:

I love this yarn, but it needs something along with it as I ended up with less than 200 yards. I'm thinking a contrasting purple/green BFL roving I have some left of (also from Amy) and maybe a felted bucket hat. The Corriedale is too coarse for next to skin wear. But DH really liked the colorway. It's possible I will order some softer wool (or yarn!) in this color for something for him. But no money today, ho hum.

I have a personal financial issue going on and it's really getting on my nerves. I am an independent contractor doing transcription work out of my home, and usually it's really a great gig, as I can be free when I want, work when I want (when there is work), and be free for field trips and school volunteering, etc.

Last fall I started working for a writer, we had fun, I was very well paid, it really saved Christmas. So when he called this spring with more work, in March, I was thrilled. I billed him for almost $2000 of transcribing. After six weeks of waiting, he paid me an advance (the subject of the book is supposed to be paying his expenses) of half and that was great. But now we're working on 90 days from my bill and WE ARE BROKE. We have gone through the tax refund and my birthday money is paying the bills this month. I emailed him last week about needing the balance by the end of June, but he hasn't even written me back. Now, this is not like him and I hope to hear that he's been out of town or something, but I'm getting nervous. If that $900 (a not insignificant amount!!) does not come in by the time I have to pay July's rent, I am seriously f**ked.

[Emailed writer, something I've been doing every Wednesday, sigh. He says they are very sorry and he will be calling them every day till they fix. Which is good, since he doesn't get his advance back till I get my whole amount. What bugs me is the artist the book is about would really have no truck with this. It's his manager who dropped the ball. Wish me luck!]

Just a small rant. Sorry for the OT.

On to happier things! Games, splat balls, a couple of hours off, heaven!

[VBS was great today, although we are getting more bumps and bruises this year. Tomorrow on to ping pong balls!]

Have a lovely!


Blogger Margene said...

I hope he doesn't stiff you!
The spinning is beautiful...I haven't started my Nightshade sure is nice!

9:21 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Your spinning is lovely. As for the writer, I sure hope he comes through, and soon. That has to be very frightening. Oh, and don't apologize. You're nervous and we do care.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

I hope that everything works out with your finances!

Love the singles. Why don't you use them as a contrasting color on something? I was considering spinning up a pound of natural dark Coopworth for the body of a sweater, then using the Nightshade as accents for the top and around the edges.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

I have my fingers crossed for you over the payment, etc. Blogs are made for ranting and we are hear to offer support. I love the colors of the last spinning you did. Very pretty shades.

8:03 AM  

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