Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Too long, and not long enough!

No time to blog so far. But soon, pix of DD's teacher's socks (completed), Franca's second hat (not finished, too thin yarn), new yarn, Franca's new singles, rovings from Easter egg dyeing.

I have also been speechless about the VTech tragedy. I pray for the families, I cried when I heard that cheer at the convocation (makes me tear up now, too). But I don't know what to say. Iraq is worse than this every single day. How dare we? That's all I got.

But on a far less important note, this time of year I get SO busy it's just...overwhelming. School trips, girl scouts, church events (multiple), etc. It always gets away from me a bit. My task is to not get all stressed out. Two years ago I 'bout had a nervous breakdown. But now I try to compartmentalize. I try to think of things in smaller pieces so I'm not worrying about some event three weeks from now when I wake up in the morning. This week's events are enough!

So this unit of time ends with our spring choir concert on April 29th. In between now and then, I have: Knitting group at church, kindergarten field trip, girl scout meeting, birthday party, Jog-a-thon at school, orchestra rehearsal for concert, trip to see loom (yay!), Mother-Son Monte Carlo night, extra rehearsal for concert, concert. Enough? Yeah, I thought so.

J is thinking we need to figure out stuff for our camping trip the following weekend. I say, since we can't do the grocery shopping till that week, I can let it go for now. Guess we could make the lists, though. Fine. NOT going to worry about it, however, till after the @!&#& concert is over. Can you feel the enthusiasm? After the HUGE conflict and political fallout over this concert and the assignment of solo work and the cost and, and, and, I am only looking forward to it being OVER. Then I can worry about how my employee evaluation goes post aforesaid conflict, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, guess I had a couple of minutes but getting out the camera is just too much at the moment. More later!

Hug your family today!!


Anonymous Cindy said...

Take a deep breath. You are most definitely overwhelmed and have every right to be. Just remember that we're here for you. Vent all you want and all you need.

9:23 AM  

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