Friday, July 27, 2007


Knit a Kauni (pdf) sweater this winter, I will surely lose my mind. Perfect. But I am determined to spin the yarn myself. Here's the plan:

20 oz. Blue-faced Leicester top from Copper Moose. Split into 2- 10 ounce lengths, dyed in 6 colors, about 18" per color, repeating 4 times along the length of the top.

Spin each 10 oz. length from the fold into singles, Navajo ply.

End up with 2 - 10 oz. skeins of fingering weight 3-ply with long color changes.

Does anyone (especially if you happen to own some of this yarn) think this sounds like it will work like the real Effektgarn?

This will be my first dyeing project in the new school year. Expect photos around 8/29 (school starts 8/27).

Meanwhile, the Lantern Festival singles are coming along (I've now done about 2 oz.):

So fun! I am determined to finish all 5 oz. before I go on vacation so I can knit it up while I'm gone.

This should not be difficult as this Corriedale is practically spinning itself. I am really enjoying this Hello Yarn Fiber Club offering immensely.

I will be taking the new Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club roving with me on vacation for spindling, Shetland in some lovely colors. I haven't tried Shetland before, so it will be a new experience.

And because so many people seem to do this on Fridays, some cat blogging:

Our younger cat (a bit over a year) totally looked dead the other day sleeping on the windowsill. This cat hates me with the fire of a thousand suns but loves the DD, which was why we chose her at the shelter. She's quite a lovely cat to look at, smoke tabby.

It's been quite a week politically. With Gonzo clearly lying about things many other people know about, claiming executive privilege in regards to the coverup of what happened to Pat Tillman, Rove being subpoenaed. Now my fondest wish is that they cancel the August Congressional recess entirely in order to pursue these issues. Maybe send everyone home in shifts. Momentum lost is so hard to regain. Hey, they're calling Rove and Jennings next week. Maybe they'll be contemptuous (ya think?)!

We will be away for a while, but I will be blogging while I'm gone, mostly to satsify my friends at home. I may not have pictures, but I will try! And I will return with the new (to me) laptop from my dear stepdad, yay!! I think it even has a...wait for it...wireless internet connection. Now to get the router fixed!

Have a lovely weekend!



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