Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Five down, one to go!

The first five fair yarns are washed and drying:

From the left, Textured Tussah silk, Merino/Tencel, Superwash wool, baby Alpaca, Wool/Mohair.

You can't see the colors in the dark yarns in this photo, but I will reshoot when they are dry.

I'm especially pleased with the superwash (center). The spinning and plying are very even and smooth. This is also navajo plied which I can't wait to knit into socks!

Meanwhile, I finally finished the lace Fixation socks:
I must show them in the Skechers that they are intended for. I wanted some short cotton socks to wear with my Mary Jane type sneaks and these came out perfect (after a lot of tweaking). Pattern: Lace Wings Fixation Socks. Mods: Cast on 49 instead of 56; short row heels; knit 8 repeats before the heel; knit short row heel on 28 instead of 24 as it was WAY too shallow on 24. More, please!
I am absolutely thrilled to see that Harry Ried has listened to...well, I don't care who he listened to because he's doing the right thing and making the Republicans filibuster for real. Now all we need is the MSM to cover this properly. Remember, the last thing they had to talk all night to defeat was...are you ready? Drum roll please! The CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. Yeah. Did them a lot of good then, too, huh?!?!?
I will be watching CSPAN if no one covers it, but if they don't cover it, they are accessories to the crimes of the ruling regime. Yes, regime.


Blogger Heide said...

Fabulous spinning! You're sure to take home a blue ribbon this year.

7:42 PM  

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