Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rest day

Well, it was from the Tour anyway.

What is the deal with all this running about? My DD is in "Twilight Camp" all week from 1-7 so I have one kid at home and he wants to go over to the park program to ride his scooter with the other kids. And I have not had one minute of down time. Not one!

Of course, yesterday I was going to come home and have a break, but my girlfriends forced me to go out to lunch (delicious omelette!) and stop by the yarn store near the camp...

Today, I swear, at 1:30 (keeping in mind that we are running around like crazy people from 10:30 till then) I am coming home and becoming horizontal.

Meanwhile, I finished Yarn #5 for the Fair:

Blend of wool and mohair purchased from Paradise Fibers a couple of years ago. I was having trouble finding another blend that I thought would come out nice and smooth. This yarn is lovely! Although I'm going to try navajo plying next time as I really want the orange to pop. Too much barberpoling for me for this colorway.

I have spun up probably 1/3 of the remaining BFL singles laceweight. Will work on that today. If that yarn is good enough, it will go to the Fair. But if it doesn't, I do have a couple of alternates in the wool category so nothing terrible will happen.
I have some Magic Carpet Ride singles waiting for another bobbin, but I could ply it on itself and send it in, about 3 oz of fingering/sport, I think.

And there is the food coloring dyed yarn that isn't really perfect but it could go in.
The colors are wild!
Have a great day! Make them filibuster everything! Impeach Cheney first!


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