Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We're off on the road to Pomona!

Sorry for the ear worm. But it's better than a Harry Potter spoiler (none here)!

Fair yarns have been delivered and tagged, thank goodness! Last year I just handed them off to an elderly lady not knowing how they would keep the right 3x5 card with the right yarn. This year it's all pinned together quite safely. Of course, I didn't pay to have it mailed back, so I'll be doing the drive at least three more times!

fair yarns 2007 labeled

And without irritating writing on top:

As frustrating as the laceweight was, I enjoyed the process this year. Rather than just pulling nice yarns spun since last September, I spun it all recently with the Fair in mind. And I've never entered more than three yarns before. They used to limit us to one per class.

Of course I "wasted" a lot of the Cricket from Hello Yarn trying to get that laceweight to work and don't have a whole lot left to actually knit with, but all of the tries are okay for knitting, just not for competition, I think. I really must conquer the laceweight, however. It will be a goal for this coming year. A year in which I will have lots more time to practice, as DS goes to first grade!!!

In other news, DD had a great time at Girl Scout Twilight Camp last week and was the recipient
of the Spirit Flag at the end of the week, for Friendship:
I'm SO proud of her for being a great Girl Scout!!
In political news, it's hard not to comment on Alberto Gonzalez's abyssmal performance in the Senate hearing this morning. If anyone in the world deserved Impeachment it's this guy. There are at least ten documentable crimes that could be prosecuted, for goodness sake! And opening an Impeachment Inquiry means that Executive Privilege goes out the window. Plus days and days of good TV! Let the Inquiry begin!!


Anonymous JessaLu said...

Gorgeous spinning! Good luck!

7:26 AM  

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