Saturday, July 14, 2007


I'm on dial-up this weekend, excruciating. I will try to get pictures up later on but just cannot deal right now.

However, I did finish 88 yards of the Merino/Tencel last night. The colors lined up very nicely till the last 17 yards or so. I'm going to try another ounce in the "fractal" method in this month's Spin-Off and see if I like the look of the skein better. I'm not concerned about how it will knit up; the yarn is so soft, so shiny, so bright, I will love it however it works. Just the judges...

Next up is another blend. Shall I do wool/mohair? Shall I do merino/silk again? I don't want to finish the orangey laceweight as I just don't want to do another laceweight at the same time as the BFL that needs to be finished. So probably the wool/mohair for socks. I could take the time to card a blend myself, but everything has to be driven to Pomona a week from Tuesday. I could try...why do I think these thoughts!?! I don't want to go into a frenzy, really!

Speaking of frenzies, I used to be an actress and sing a lot of opera in New York. Small time stuff but very fun an innovative (mostly early music however). Since moving West and having children my performance opportunities have dwindled to pretty much just church (I am the soprano soloist). The church theater group is doing a musical this fall, DS will be in first grade, there are kids in the show, they have babysitting at rehearsals, I've been asked to audition. But I don't want to do it.

I have been looking forward to both children in school for it seems like forever. I love them, I love spending time with them and helping them, believe you me. But I am also a person who needs some time ALONE. There isn't any. And Pippi's silent *ss alarm goes off every thirty five seconds over here. What I don't want is to spend my first school year with some mommy time working like a fiend during the day so I can go to rehearsal every night from the day I get back from vacation to the middle of November. Just do not want to.

Guess I've changed from my super ambitious younger self into someone more able to look at the plan and know what will make me happiest. That's a good thing, right? Why am I so ambivalent?

Oh, well, back to the spinning wheel. And maybe they'll eventually do the wonderful Christmas opera we're thinking that would make me give up my free time!



Blogger Cindy said...

You do not sound ambivalent. You know what you want and what you need. I'm impressed. I would probably waffle for a while and eventually just cave and then, be mad at myself. Good for you! Hey, go for the mohair, don't torture.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

You sing?! I wish that I could sing... and be at least tolerable. I just was reviewing my life's goals list. Even at the tender age of 21 I knew that singing was never in my future, but I am so amazed by those blessed with beautiful voices.

5:07 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I appreciate the support, Cindy. It's hard to say no when in a previous life you would have said yes to everything! I just see this meaning my kids are up late two or three nights a week instead of just one and having to juggle Girl Scouts and never having a free day, makes me shudder!

I sang "Hear Ye, Israel" from "Elijah" yesterday for my last solo at church this season and it went very well. It's quite satisfying to do a big aria every once in a while. Often, I do more intimate music for the Offertory. My best girlfriend and I spent time choosing songs to sing together over Labor Day weekend yesterday and that will be really fun!

7:54 AM  

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