Friday, July 20, 2007

Yarn five singles spun

Here are the two bobbins:

I shall be plying today as my DH has volunteered to be afternoon parent, yay!

Yesterday I predrafted some new Crown Mountain superwash in You Baby:
Very pretty stuff. And I have a full bobbin of Magic Carpet Ride to either ply on itself or spin another bobbin.
Knitting wise, I'm working on the second sock of the second pair of Monkeys and fantasizing about the next pair of socks. Don't know what they will be or whether I will stick with more summery yarns or not. I'm leaning toward Pomotamus but a pair of Friday Harbour for myself would be nice, too (and quick on 2's). I would like to be knitting some socks with handspun and when I get the Magic Carpet done I will have enough for a pair there. And my yellow/orange/khaki Koigu is calling my name, too. Oh, the choices! And I should really finish the Scoop du Jour on vacation or it will get lost in the shuffle. September/October is for DS's hoodie, November/December is for Mom's. All I got is August!
Now I must be political for a moment. The Ruling Regime has declared that it will never "allow" the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia to prosecute anyone for contempt of Congress. There are no further options but to use Inherent Contempt to bring them to heel. Of course, being a newly minted conspiracy theorist, this will lead to the Regime declaring martial law. I'm serious. We could easily at this point have the U.S. Military pointing guns at the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House. And the Decider has already signed an Executive Order that garners ALL power unto himself if anything interferes with the orderly process of government, and that means...are you ready? NO ELECTIONS.
I do not like being a conspiracy theorist. But the path we are on leads inexorably to a real power grab. They already have no honor or shame. They already have proven themselves disdainful of the Constitution. They already have padded every government agency and authority with "loyal Bushies" who are members of the cult of personality surrounding the Decider. I do not see any way out without violence or...and here's my favorite part...PROTEST. When the moment arrives, we must be ready to go to the streets. We must be ready to take our country back. We must be ready to stand up for what we believe in. Protest may itself lead to violence, against the citizens of our country by the Regime. It may lead to political imprisonment. It may lead to a level of chaos that our country has never seen. But it will be worth it. The people must rise up, it is our only hope.
Remember the Friday night after 9/11 when we stood on our street corners with signs and flags and candles, with everyone honking as they drove by? Remember our national unity? Remember the love we felt for our neighbors, whether or not we shared political affiliation, ethnic background, economic class? That is where we must be. We must stand together in love of country, in love of each other, in love of each other's children and stop the madness. We are all in danger from the Regime. All of us. In perpetuity.
I am not in any way calling for violence to occur. I am not in any way advocating violence. Rather I am advocating that we use our voices, our time, our honor to stand up for our country. We've done it before and we can do it again. We must.


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