Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And we're off! (Mom, don't read this one)

The second sweater of the season is on the needles!

I had to swatch quite a bit and the gauge changes dramatically when the knitting is washed, but I think I am doing fine now, about 9 inches into the back of Arwen.

Here's where I am now: arwen 1

Admittedly, a blob. Worried about yardage already, but have eschewed the hem facings and am knitting on with confidence (h/t EZ).

A bit of spinning has also been attempted in the past few days, but I took on WAY too much work this weekend and everything else was forced to fall away. But here is the beginning of Spunky Eclectic's Celebration Shetland. celebration singles 1

I'm going for a light fingering/lace weight, really just having fun with finer singles than I normally do but not so painfully fine that it takes the rest of my life to finish.

I am so desperately eager to begin my handspun sweater project I can hardly stand it, though. But I need to make some decisions. Raw fleece? BFL top? Dye colors, spinning technique, carded or painted?

I would like to end up with two colorways of self striping yarn, one warm, one cool, to use in a fairisle pattern. And let the chips fall where they may. My latest idea is to dye 6 cool and 6 warm semi-solids and card them in different combinations. Then just have fun spinning it all up. I think what's stopping me from starting is that to end up with definitely enough of everything to make it come out nice, I need to dye three pounds of wool. I don't want to run out! But three pounds of wool is all the BFL top I have in the stash. It's awfully hard to look at that nice big box and know it's all going away when I can't afford to replace it. Well, not right now. But soon enough, I suppose. It's not like that's all the wool I've got anyway. I think another dye test run is in order... I have a suspicion that I will end up with LOTS of sock yarn and no sweater, but worse things have happened.

Anyway, all of this mad pondering is an attempt to STOP thinking about the nasty bully mommy who in fact did confront me at the Room Rep. tea last week in the most unpleasant way possible. I'm now trying to forget about it and move on, but I'm sure she'll go after me again sometime. In the most embarassing and public place possible, no doubt. But I'm determined never to allow her to interact with me again so my response will be to walk away (briskly). Why are people so crazy?

Draft Al Gore!!



Blogger Heide said...

I love the color you've chosen for Arwen. Only 3 more days of work left and then I'll be able to knit again too. I'm sure you'll be finished with yours long before mine's off the needles.

5:51 AM  

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