Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pictures! Pictures!

Hey, I didn't say they were good pictures.

If I have time, though, I will try to post something from last night's adventure (from which I'm sure the children will be recovering all day today, sorry teachers): Disney Princesses on Ice!!

Huge thank you to Penny for the tickets (box seats!) and for coming with us!! Wish you were back in the choir, we miss you!

But the knitting pictures trump more uploading:

Fetching: mrs. doan's fetching

Dashing: mrs. domanski's dashing

Baby gifts for my Stepdad's German translater (due on Christmas Day): britta's baby gifts

I will spare you the photo of the back of Arwen blocking (blurry square). But the back and the left side are drying now, the right side will be drying later. I will sew up the side and sleeve seams of the dry parts today. The yarn did relax as expected, but it's blocking to size just fine. I hope it doesn't stretch out with wear but what can I do? Others have made this sweater with this yarn (see Ravelry) and have not complained.

I did cast on a pair of Fetching for myself since I need (I can't believe I'm saying this myself) more yarn to make another glove for DD. Glove #1: .75 oz, yarn remaining: .5 oz. And I promised! That's happening today sometime. But mine are on the needles so they will get done in the next few days, I'm sure.

Today: Volunteer at school, library time, school Christmas Program, bookstore, party invitations (unless DD really does want to make them herself, which is fine), aforesaid yarn store, block right of Arwen, make another extra dinner for DH, choir practice (with kids). Tomorrow is a big push day as the house is a wreck, I MUST get the cookies done so some can be mailed on Saturday, Arwen MUST be sewn up when I can concentrate on it. The list is getting shorter each day, I think, and I've stopped having bad dreams. It will be a relief to go to my mom's, finished with deadlines, where she can mess with the kids some and I can relax. Oh, and eat food I didn't make!! Thanks, mom!!

There's DS waking up, silly boy. Later!



Blogger Heide said...

What lovely gifts, you've been a busy lady. I'm sure that all of the recipients will be/are thrilled with them.

12:45 PM  

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