Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Road Again

We are leaving on our annual pilgrimage to Grandparentland tomorrow so I am of course too busy, to buried in piles of laundry, too trapped by luggage to really blog.

We spent last weekend at the wedding of our cousin M and her groom A which was both lovely and interesting, as it was my first Buddhist wedding. Congratulations, kids! Have fun in Mexico!

Some of our plans for our vacation this summer:

Maybe take a day trip to Gettysburg. Family is very busy and we've never been.
Actually climbing up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.
Spend more time at the beach.
Ravelympics: My event is the Handspun Heptathlon and I will be spindle spinning 4 ounces of yarn for Team Obama in 17 days. Think I can do it? Yes, I Can! You will have to forgive me for not having pictures of the fiber tonight, too much to do. But since I can't start till August 8th during the Opening Ceremonies, I have plenty of time to shoot it before then.

Summer of Socks continues with an imminent (lots of plane time tomorrow) finish of Spring Forward
spring forward sock 1 Perhaps they are hideously ugly but I don't care. Handspun is handspun!

And knitting Hypnosis from my Perfect Storm yarn: perfect storm close up

I'll also be spindling some black for heels and toes, but that's not interesting enough to take a picture of.

Mostly we will be spending time with family, relaxing, hanging out and having our last hurrah before homework, piano practice, church choir, scouts, et al. starts up again August 25th. Hard to believe!

I will try to post, if only from my phone, but we are in an internet black hole unless we drive somewhere until I get to New Jersey on the 7th. Have a lovely week!



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