Friday, June 27, 2008

Can you hear the crickets?

Finally a quiet week at Shadowlandwest. One of these days I'll even make them practice piano!

We did get some good relaxing in this week, thank goodness. Kids were too tired to go to open swim in the afternoons, would rather stay home; me, too so there wasn't a lot of motivation to roust them out. They did go to swim lessons every day and had a playdate on Tuesday at our house.

Lots of spinning and knitting was accomplished. 10 Minutes a Day is a great motivator, expecially since it turns into 30 or 40. Finished Grand Opening and started a sock: marigold 1 which is luckily going much faster than the Obama sock. Handspun is magic!

Other than that, it's been a lot of laundry, dishes, cooking and work for my writer who is doing a book about a model who became a rock star wife and a big drug addict. Very interesting story, indeed! Between this book and the next one right after, I should be set up for money to carry me over the vacation, if I ever book the tickets. Lazy or in denial about the airfares, whichever. It's hours and hours of stuff, though.

Trying not to drive much and that seems to be working out. It was just too hot to bike last week and the best times are certainly early morning/early evening. I think the pool really is too far for the kids, mostly for coming back at the end of the day.

Almost finished with the second spinning project for the week, some Spunky (I think) South African Fine that I spun half of when it arrived. pastel singles It's not really as blue as this but I'm shooting with the video camera's still picture mode as the point-and-shoot is not working and needs to be sent away for repairs, ho hum. Software all mucked up. But it is lovely and will make some nice socks from The Eclectic Sole. Haven't decided which ones as I don't yet know the yardage. I simply must start getting more yarn from my 4 ounce bundles, though. 350 would be fine, but 290 is too nervous making!

Hope you're having a lovely week. Contact your Senator and Representative about their FISA vote, if you can. A Constitution is a terrible thing to waste.



Blogger Heide said...

I LOVE the colorway of your sock. The transitions are absolutely perfect. Thank you for the Locks of Love info. We went ahead and mailed it in because Autumn really wanted to do something nice. Hope all is well with you and yours down south. I've had the eebie jeebies all day and I just can't shake them or relax. Aaaack!

3:58 PM  

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