Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now that that's over...

Our air conditioning works again. And the heat wave has passed, thank goodness!

I find myself all at sixes and sevens knitting-wise. There aren't enough hours in the day for everything I wish I were knitting, and yet I have abandoned some projects that I was very excited about not so long ago. Bettna is in hibernation. Loribird's handspun blue socks are frogged. My optional round Sock Madness socks are put away and Pomotamus...hello?...the Fair entry forms are due, you say? Oh, just send the orange ones. I'm busy.

Busy with what? Knitting Obama swag!!

obama socks 2obama socks 1

Can't get a really good picture since the words go all the way around. They shouldn't be taking very long, but since I'm making up the pattern (not the chart, h/t cjaneknit!) I keep having to frog back for size issues. I am now doing the heel on 34 stitches instead of 30 and will knit the foot on 68 instead of 60. I could have worn them, but they would just not have made me happy.


I just got my copy of The Eclectic Sole (thanks, Dad!) and want them ALL. But in handspun. So I'm spinning. I joined the 10 Minutes a Day Ravelry group and am managing an hour or so most days. I will make some progress on handspun sock yarns at this rate, which is lovely since I am so chomping at the bit. The Rivendell pattern really needs a solid or a semi-solid in a lightish color. Right now I'm just trying to finish off all my half spun hand dyed stuff. My Tour de Fleece goal is to try to spin up everything that I've previously started. That should set me up for handspun socks for the winter, I think.

I continue to think about, dream about, fantasize about sweaters, the ones in progress (Bettna, Scoop du Jour, Must Have Cardigan) and the ones coming after (Tangled Yoke, Kauni, October Frost) but it's been to hot to really do anything. I need a plan.

I had the pleasure of meeting a friend from Ravelry last week, Diane, who came over to learn to spin. What fun! She's terrific and we will I'm sure spend much more time together. She has weavers who would like to do a Weaving Badge with our girl scouts, they would like Alyce's giant rug loom that Alyce would like out of her garage. Thanks for coming over, Diane!!

Is that enough links for everyone? Sorry if you're not in Ravelry, but if you're a knitter you should be!

Today we are going to the pool, to the park, back to the pool, then work, work, work, but there should be three good hours of knitting in there somewhere. Have a lovely day!

Oh, and Barack, now is the time to LEAD. That FISA bill is the sh*ts and you know it as well as I do. You can sit back and let Russ and Chris do the dirty work, but you wouldn't lose anyone if you were standing next to them. Just saying.



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