Friday, December 03, 2010

Go ahead and laugh. I can take it.

Are you a person who told me I should go on Facebook?

Did I scoff? I'm sure I did. "I'm a Twitter person," I said. "Facebook eats your life."

Or even, "I talk to you every day! Why do I need your web updates?"

Now, keep in mind I am a Twitter lover and I have an internet fiber community (Ravelry--go now) that eats my life already, so the whole life-eating thing is really okay with me. But Facebook? Why?

Then I started a page for work. Then I uploaded some photos. Then I looked around a bit and friended my current RL friends. And commented on their status. And posted on their wall. And started messing around with my profile and, well, the rest is history!

I'm having a great time reconnecting with old friends, networking, finding new things in common with best buddies and, especially, learning a whole new system. And you know how I love a learning curve!

OKC: I have now finished 4 Christmas gifts (knitted) and half of one more (spun). I need to take pictures but this week really got ahead of me. I'm taking a bit of time to regroup over the weekend and expect to sit down at the wheel and make some good progress. Baking is up next!

[Oh, dear, I seem to have developed an exclamation point tic tonight. I'm sure it will pass.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realllllly want to bake... soon. really soon. J. (formerly known as anonymous)

9:08 PM  

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