Thursday, June 01, 2006

FO! Swatching! Spinning! Oh, my!

I finished the Meilenweit socks last night (now I can wear them to camp if they dry):

I have spun up 3 colors of 2-ply for the Bazaar socks (plus most of one more). This is gold, light blue/green, dark blue/green and natural grey, all carded on my Strauch Petite and spun Point of Twist:

I need to do more grey, red/violet and red/orange and then the knitting can commence...

I have swatched for Rogue in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (Carrot):

BTW, I really like this yarn. It's SO inexpensive and it doesn't feel soft in the ball, but when you wash it, it's really nice. $1.79 for 50 grams is nothing to sneeze at. There are a lot of great $30 sweaters out there for that!

I'm kind of proud of myself for this little swatch. For one thing, I don't know why but swatching makes me nervous, like I could screw it up. I do it, usually. Not for socks, though. But this one I even washed and dried. I NEVER do that. But I knew that this yarn really blooms nicely and I wanted to see it. Also I made DD's Wallaby in this yarn on 8's at 4 spi and I needed 4.5. This swatch is 4.5 spi, 6 rpi on US 7, knit flat on circulars. I know I'm supposed to swatch in the round as well, but I won't. I want to start this at camp (rather than beginning a new pair of unnecessary socks and then obsessing about finishing them).

I have finished the baby sweater except for buttons and blocking:

I even wove (that sounds wrong!) in all the ends. It's an interpretation as it were, but I think it's cute. For a gender unknown baby of actor-type friends. Well, I like it. If they don't, I'll never know. I will run this through a wash cycle and make sure it's okay.

I won't be posting again till next week as the Brownie Troop is going camping all weekend, woo-hoo! I will be trying to bring my spinning wheel, but space is at a premium in the little car. It may be spindles for me (plus I want to bring a few to teach on just in case). They're providing crafts for the adults, but I think I'd like to stick with my own. I have a lot of work to do!

However, I will be wearing nothing but handknit socks this weekend, which will make me smile the whole time (oh, please, DD, don't whine!).

Happy weekend, happy spinning, happy knitting, all (except the NSA; y'all can be bored)!


Blogger Daddy said...

Okay, this is gonna shock the crap out of you, so hold onto your hat. I haven't read your blog yet, but I was bored today looking up people from high school, and I decided to look up you name. I guess that's a compliment, the simple fact that after all this time I still remember you. When I saw you lived in Burbank, and were the soprano soloist, at the church I was married in no less, had to come to your blog and write. Hi Wendy, Bart Sumner here. I don't know where to begin filling you in, or if you even care, so if you are interested in catching up, I live in Simi Valley with my wife and 2 kids. I find it amazing that my wife had a friend from school who was the Tenor soloist at the UMC of Burbank, Steve Kirwan, who sang at our wedding 9 + years ago. I've been out here 15 years, acting and screewriting. I heard a download of your work with Mitchell, wow, your voice has really blossomed over the years. I still do my share of singing, but avoided the classical route (my sister sang opera in europe and it seemed like SOOO much work!) In any case, drop me a line or visit my website and leave a message By the way, you look great, and just as you did 25+years ago.

All the best, Bart

3:40 PM  

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