Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good News and Bad News

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Good. Okay. Socks are almost done. Please give your opinion on this:

On the left is corrugated ribbing (sock 2). On the right is partially unraveled stockinette. I finished that one off with some rows of just dark blue ribbing and then a little stockinette roll but it really looked weird. On the other hand, I had to do something to make it not roll too far down (think I like roll tops?).

On the left we have a finished sock. It seems to roll a little too far, but when you put on the sock it sits flat with a tiny roll at the top for texture. I did Elizabeth Zimemrman's sewn cast off for stretchiness (just to contrast with the rest of the sock, which is NOT stretchy at all). I like the corrugated ribbing better, but I sort of wish I had thought of a better way to use the stockinette stripes. This will come with my own designs (for the BOOK).

And for those of you following along, a photo of the pair as they are right now.

The first one is bigger, the second one is a bit longer in the leg.

Idiot that I am, when I was casting off at the pool this morning I somehow managed to misplace one of the circular needles. So I'm doing the other one with one circular and two DPN's. Eejit! But I'm not stopping. I have to work tonight but will finish off sock 1 during Project Runway, one of my totally favorite shows! Who will be asked to leave and when? Will the Unabomber guy turn out to be any better than he was last week? Who is American Royalty, anyway? How many times will Tim say "Make it work?"

The bad news is our third co-leader of our Brownie Troop and our favorite volunteer mom are splitting off from our troop. Not in a bad way or anything, no hard feelings. They have plenty of skill and plenty of experience and just want to have their own troop. Also one of them is bilingual which means more Latina girls can join comfortably, which is a wonderful thing. They will have a great troop. I'm just having trouble with it. Sensitive, that's me. I was just getting to know them properly and think of them as friends. And now we'll all be too busy with our own stuff to really continue growing those relationships, most likely. I'll get over it as soon as J calls me to discuss, I'm sure.

More later!

Have a great evening!


Blogger Star said...

Wow! Somehow those socks get more and more beautiful! You are so close now. I am digging the corrugated ribbing.

Also, I am a Project Runway fan too! I feel sorry for the basket hat guy. He just doesn't get it.

8:21 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

No, he will go down soon, I predict. Although sometimes they make it farther than they "should" due to other people screwing up badly who have more talent. I honestly thought this would be a boring show, but I love it! And who knew Top Chef would be good? I hope they do that again!

8:51 PM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

Which mom/co leader? Is it my friend the one who had to leave the end of year banquet because of child with ear infection? I love her.

I think someone has told my fellow leaders of my leaving plans - One of them has stopped saying hello to me at the pool.

No matter what, tho, it's good that a bilingual troop leader will be available. I have been talking to J's replacement Gabby and we are wracking our collective brain with ways to get girls from McKinley and Providencia (and Disney) who's mom's are spanish speaking. Having worked at all 3 of these schools, I can say that there are plenty of awesome girls and they are NOT being reached! So... even tho I know you are somewhat sad, it is really a good thing. At least you still have Jill, Girl Scout Queen of America!

I am not sure I understand the difference between the socks. They look beautiful!

I don't watch Project Runway or Top Chef. I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. I also watched Idol... I am so pedestrian these days!

And, three cheers for Twilight Camp! I have tomorrows 'Mexico' names all ready to pin on!


11:56 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Yeah, Sue and Jean have decided to branch off. Jill and I had a long talk last night and I feel a lot better. Sorry about the politics at your troop, too. But that's part of the problem, right?

There is an issue with Latina girls not feeling comfortable in scouting, I think. And it's really too bad so Jean's spanish will be a really nice addition to the Burbank service unit.

I'm not mad or anything. I just felt odd. We will be fine. I just hope you and Sara can find a troop that you're happier in. It' SO important, but you know that!

Thanks for the compliments on the socks, they really are quite wild. I'll be binding off the second one at the pool today, where I will say hello, thank you very much. Calissa's new car is way cool!


6:25 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

I love the corrugated ribbing, but without seeing them modeled it's hard to see the rolling. They are amazing and beautiful. I suppose that if you really didn't like the tops that you could cast on and add some more ribbing to the tops. I usually have to alter sock patterns to all have a 2/2 ribbing because for some reason the shape of my legs doesn't hold up a 1/1.
I wanted to watch Project Runway last night but I couldn't stay up that late. That's what reruns are for though eh?
Maybe your troops can get together periodically and do a joint clothing drive or nursing home singing visit, etc. It's good for the girls to meet others and you'll still have contact with the moms and some of the girls that may be leaving.
Happy knitting!

7:30 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

We've offered to have them stay with us until they have enough girls registered to have a troop (5). And it would be nice to have some joint activities. Some kind of sister troop thing. Of course, we also have a second troop of Brownies (just bridged from Daisies) that my co-leader is more in charge of than I, with our friend Joy so there will be plenty to do!!

8:20 AM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

Sue and Jean only have their own two girls as yet? I am SURE there are more girls - If only I had know before school was out, I could have recruited right out of my 1st grade class - girls whose parents speak Spanish and some who don't. But, then, they just decided to do it, huh. Well, it'll be fine. I can understand feeling a little weird - I know my 'dropping' 242 is going to cause all sorts of ripples - not that I'm irreplaceable or indespensible but, y'know... The thing is that I only feel badly about leaving about two of the girls behind (since Isabel is coming with me...).

Calissa's car IS awesome. It is the car I have always wanted. A Chrysler Pacifica. I want to get one and take off the last a and make it an i... voila, a Chrysler Pacifici! hee hee. Of course a car like that is out of our reach until I get long term employment and do it for a year or so. I'm just happy to have a car that doesn't overhead on the way up to the Nature Center and the a/c works fairly well. (My red car had neither of these features, plus all the rubber seals had degraded and it rained in on me!) Anyhow... I am really glad for Calissa. She's a really nice gal - and Isabel is a dollbaby. They are a really nice family, actually. Brad is pleasant (David and he are sortof friendly...) and Ethan, their 5 year old is the sweetest little guy.

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house. I hate cleaning. I rarely do it. It's so hot... blah.

your sock pupil

3:37 PM  

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