Thursday, July 13, 2006

Should I give up coffee?

I'm trying to figure out whether or not coffee is making me have these huge mood swings that I seem to be having. I have in the past associated these with too much processed meat, too much sugar, etc. I have been off sugar for 4 years so those have gone away. But we've been off our regular school year schedule of dropping off DD at school and then going to the bagel shop for coffee and (free) mini bagels almost every day. But we went twice this week and both days, by the end of the day, I was Monster Mommy. Perhaps tea is more my speed... I've been on my post-nursing coffee binge for 3 years now and it might be time to sober up. I can always have a cup of tea if needed. No coffee yesterday, no particular loss of temper. I will continue to collect data and let you know.

On the knitting front, I'm knitting the heel of the second sock. Evidence:

This is going more quickly, probably because I don't have to stop and spin new colors any more! I shouldn't have any trouble finishing in time. The question will be do I have time to do the top band of the first sock over again, as I don't really like it, but it is finished. I should have time.

7/13 Finish heel, 1/2 of band 5
7/14 1/2 band 5, start band 6
7/15 Finish band 6, start band 7
7/16 Finish band 7 Sunday
7/17 Band 8
7/18 band 9 and finish sock.
7/19 Top of sock 1 over again
7/20 Weave in ends, wash, dry
(crickets chirping)
7/25 Drive socks to Pomona

Sounds like a plan. Wasn't that fun?

In spinning, I've been working on the Project Spectrum Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club BFL off and on, almost done with 2 oz of singles (I'm saving the other 2 oz for later).

I just love BFL, so glad I decided to try it based on advice from The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. I have some washed and picked locks in a secret bag in the linen closet to play with later, mmm. Need to start thinking about what spindle spinning I will bring on vacation, what knitting, so I don't have to buy any yarn while I'm gone. I think I'll be working on Rogue at home and socks on the road. And taking pictures for my Socks on Vacation. I would really like to do Pomotamus out of some great Cherry Tree Hill I got on sale at Unwind. But I should finish the Jaywalkers (I won't right away). And Mom sent me a sock for a new heel that I haven't even unraveled. But I can bring it back to her when we visit, I'm sure she's not wearing them in July in NJ.

Off to put some more money in the bank, thank goodness, and DD to day 4 of crafts camp. And trying not to drink coffee. Have a lovely day!


Blogger joyfossil said...

Well, give up coffee for a few days, see how it goes, y'know... nothing like a cuppa, especially when it's delivered with love by our Darling best friend J!

I finished Sock Numero Uno! I followed your rule of not getting up till Sock Numero Two-o was started... probably a good rule, as I was getting frustrated when I stupidly forgot to make the ribbing and was 3 rounds in... duhhhh! So I ripped and restarted. Would you believe on needle #4 I forgot to rib again and had to back my way out and re-rib! DUHHH! But, #1 is waiting for a lesson in kitchening and #2 is on it's way.

Girly girl is at Arts Camp wearing her NEW GLASSES and as pleased as punch about it!

I saw a headline that Rudy Guiliani is thinking about running for Pres. I hope he is pro choice because he will win. After 9/11 he is 'America's Governor', or so they say. I personally will probably have to go out and work for the Democratic Party if Darlin' Hillary runs. I love her. (Heck, I loved Bill too...) On the other hand, I would be happy if a trained monkey won, as opposed to the trained flea we have now.

I like this blogorama thingy!
your knitting pupil Joy

10:29 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Glad to hear sock #2 is in the works. Didn't know GG was getting glasses, that's great!

Kitchener isn't actually hard, I will bring a copy of instructions with me to the pool, although there are probably good ones on the web. has tutorials on EVERYTHING sock related.

Unfortunately, Rudy Giuliani is sucking up to anti-choice, etc. already even though he has historically been pro-choice and pro gay rights. I'm off Hillary at the moment, as I feel that she should back off on Iraq. I'm very pro Al Gore (I contributed to the Draft Al Gore campaign already) as I feel he has grown past listening to consultants into a man who can say what he feels, and he has a lot of passion these days. I think Hillary has a tough row to hoe (so MANY people really HATE her) and it's beyond important that we get the criminals out of office ASAP.

Happy knitting!

11:14 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Oh, and I'm not giving up iced coffee. Actually I'm drinking an iced coffee right now, so the resolution lasted as long as I stayed away from a Starbucks neighborhood! Oh, well, I must fight the monsteriness...

11:15 AM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

I love iced coffee - lots of 1/2&1/2 and sweet... yum. I don't drink it every day, except when I am teaching, then it is like... NECESSARY!

I like Al. I voted for him and would again. I Love Hillary - I have seen her on tv and I think she is excellently smooth. I actually don't think she would win, what with all her troubles in the past and the fact that people either love her or hate her... Most folks in NY that I've talked to don't like her - call her a 'carpetbagger', which is true, if you are splitting hairs.

On the other hand, I would, as a woman and a teacher, like to see a woman make a real bid for the white house. Young girls need to know that it's possible. I honestly doubt that we, as a country, are ready for a woman (I mean I'm ready, but the folks who voted for dubya would pee their panties). I suspect that the girl who will become the first woman president is in Jr. High or High School right now... I hope I'm wrong, of course - sooner the better!

I never thought that Al was bad - as I said, I voted for him.

Rudy is welcome to suck up, snow and otherwise mess with the minds of those who would like to stick their noses into my uterus, and the uteri of our daughters, as long as he ends UP being pro choice or at least one degree this side of that fence after they clean up the confetti.

What do you think of Barak Obama? I have heard him touted as the 'great white hope' or brown hope, to be more specific.

How does Rudy stack up in the war department, do you know? I am seriously tired of using American servicepeople as target practice - and I am offended by the notion that 'only 2000-odd people' have died. Every time they hit a milestone number I weep for the mother of #s 1 thru whatever number they are currently reporting. I say send dubya.

I am thrilled with my little club footed sock!

I looked at your 'fair fairisle' sock. So beautiful! You dyed the yarn, spun the yarn and then are knitting it too. You are a woman of many talents!

Your sockpupil,

6:31 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I do think that a woman president, per se, would be a good thing, I just have to think about them as people first. Obama is too young and inexperienced, in my opinion. But his ideas and his passion (so far) are very exciting.

I think that Hillary has bought into the beltway schtick and is listening to consultants. I think Gore has given up on that stuff and is no long afraid to say what he really thinks. And he's SO smart. And well read. And experienced in all the right ways. I hope he runs, I really do!

Giuliani wise, there's no trusting the Republicans about ANYTHING these days, not a one. I have no trust whatsoever in anyone on that side being able to end up anywhere that I agree with. They're already telling us that it's better for our daughters to die of cervical cancer than to have sex. That is outrageous to me! I will buy her the HPV vaccine as soon as it's available and she's old enough to have it and nobody better try and stop me!

Anyway, rant over. Lovely sock! My color of Trekking in my stash is so boring, I envy everyone with prettier colorways than mine, as the yarn is so lovely.

And thanks for the compliments on the socks. They are coming along nicely, but I can ONLY knit them at home (fear of frogging).


8:27 PM  

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