Monday, August 28, 2006

Do we only remember what they tell us to remember?

"Today is not about the recovery of the Gulf Coast..."

It cannot be. There is no real recovery as yet.

In line for "The Daily Show" last week a republican asked me to summarize the Democratic philosophy. I made him go first, of course, because I knew he would be an idiot. And he was. But my answer was easy.

Democrats know that the government is here to serve the people. To protect the people. To work for the people and make the people's lives better. To help the people when they are in trouble. To make sure the country doesn't fall apart so that the people cannot function and go to work and make love and be happy and survive.

The bottom line is this government has no thought for service, no care for protection, no work ethic, no compassion, no long-range plan, no goal except their own wealth, their own happiness, their own survival.

Today, this comes home to us in pictures, in film, in our memories. They can tell us not to remember that they let us down, that their most essential purpose was unimportant to them. But we remember anyway. They can tell us that we should be afraid of people from the outside. But we are much more afraid of our own leaders. They can tell us that the terrorists will hurt us if they are not in charge. But the terrorists are hurting us right now. In the destruction of our Constitution, our America, our purpose and our center, we already have the terrorists in our midst. And we must fight them here before we fight them elsewhere.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who lost loved ones, homes, irreplaceable possessions. And their country. And their country. And their country. God help us all.


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