Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogging from Afar

I've arrived at my mom's house, where the internet is rather intermittent at the moment. We are going to the beach today if the sun comes out. Rumor has it the weather has been pretty icky for beach going this year. I figured with the heat wave it would have been great, so much cooler by the water, but I guess not.

We had a lovely time at the in-laws. Lots of time to spend with family, new puppy, children who could be released into the wild without any particular supervision (I love the country!). DS only almost died once! He rolled down the hill and hit (I couldn't tell which) some bony part of his body on the edge of the porch, but it turned out to be 1) a rib; and 2) not as hard as it sounded. It was not the skull.

Got to see "Barnyard" (okay, but what's with the udders on all of the male cows?). Didn't cook dinner for 10 (!) even once but felt very lazy all week. I'm sure if I were a proper SIL I would have done more, but DH stepped up, knowing that I do that stuff all the time at home.

We also went miniature golfing, which we all enjoyed. We might try that again this week.

Wish I had pictures, but no uploading. Have almost finished the Fibonacci socks, but am almost out of one of the colors. So they won't be very tall (doesn't bother me a bit) and there won't be any dark blue in the ribbing (not this, either). I really must work on Rogue during this part of the trip, though, since the measurements have been taken for the FIL Sweater. Of course, he doesn't really want a sweater like DS, but in fact a v-neck cardigan. So be it. I can still knit top down in one piece, I believe. And I shall. But I need to do a bit more research. The sweater he likes is in ribbing, which I will not do for a whole sweater, but I'm thinking about some fun texture, maybe a basketweave or small cables. Think, think, think.

Silk spinning is coming along (one cop) but I forgot to bring my niddy noddy. So I probably need some straws...I'm spinning from the fold but since the top is dyed in very long sections, I'm alternating bundles from each end. DH is still trying to claim the yarn for himself, I think he likes it better than the Angel yarn I bought him for Father's Day. So maybe he'll get it. He does get a scarf before Christmas. I'm thinking the Opera Scarf you can make with two skeins of Koigu, but I don't know the yardage I will get from the silk.

Am missing blogging and surfing terribly!

Hope you're having a wonderful August!


Blogger joyfossil said...

Oh, I miss you! I am home now and you are not here and J is in HONG King Kong! I will have her kids today tho...

I am glad L. is ok. Only one life threatening event in one week is not bad... How is M.'s knitting coming along? Tell her I am proud of her, no matter how much she has done so far!

You will be proud of ME! I started a 'Feather & Fan' sock with that tan yarn you gave me from your stash. It is beeeYOUteeful! I can't believe I'm making it! It isn't hard, really. I'm following the pattern in your SocksSocksSocks book except I modified one tiny part (they had a weird line around the ankle that interrupted the 'flow' of the pattern.) anyhow, I am so proud. I didn't modify the size at all and it is quite small. If the first sock fits my girl, I willdo #2, if not, it was a learning experience. I was afraid to mess with the numbers since it was so complicated (at first... not anymore!).

Also, my mom lent me "Yarn Harlot" It is the funniest book ever! I laughed out loud when I read the chapter about the giant green afghan - the 1st chapter, I think... I love what she has to say about socks and also what she says about learning to read/knit. I think I may type them out and make a poster of them or something. Very cool.

I am interested to see the socks you were talking about - I can't remember if I know what they look like. Is a cardigan harder than a regular pullover? I read about 'steeks', maybe you could do that (although it sounds heartstopping...).

Oh, and I spun some more of my red woolly stuff. I told my dad that I wanted to learn how to do it and that since you took the time to teach me that I wanted to actually accomplish it. He watched me for a while (actually, he and my mom thought it was rather cool that I learned in the first place. Of course since we were sitting in the ICU with him, he was a captive audience. My mom thinks it's a good thing to know to show students what people did 'way back when'. So, I have to get better at it... but I rather knit my pretty sock!

Anyhow, I miss you. I hope it's not too hot there - it's not bad here.

should I email you or is this place better.

your sock pupil and spinning student,

10:37 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Hey, Joy, I miss you, too! Glad to hear the craftiness is getting more complicated (and interesting). How is your dad doing?

Meaghan and I are collectively making progress on her poncho. I don't work on it at night unless she does some during the day.

Don't worry about the Feather and Fan socks looking small. Lace STRETCHES rather alarmingly. And congratulations on modifying a pattern. You're Knitter, not a knitter, now.

Love Yarn Harlot and her blog is really fun, too. I have all three of her books and have reread the first two already. She is writing another one now.

Weather has been absolutely lovely, like a cool September. Down side, I brought all hot weather clothes. We have like one pair of long pants each.

Got a voicemail from J. Sounds like it's going well. And P got a great new job, long may it reign!

I'm all connected now, so you can call or whatever, out of the boonies. See you soon!

4:03 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Now that you've mentioned the cow faux pas in Barnyard I'm sure that it will drive me crazy when we rent it (I can't take the girls to the theaters right now). When you return to CA please post a picture of the fibonacci (sp) socks.

6:46 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Hey, Heide, how's the move going?

I will post a pic when I get home, especially since they will be done, done, done!!


As soon as the movie started, I was all, why the udders? And it bugged me the whole time, even though I pretty much liked it. I can't think of anyone over 10 that this would not bother. What committee said it was okay? Even the baby! Sheesh!

6:09 AM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

Have you seen the Burger King commercial for Chicken Fries where the two ROOSTERS taunt the ROOSTER who wants to be a french fry? Ok, Chicken FRIES are bad enough but it's CHICKEN, not ROOSTER!

Also you may recall the Quilted Northern commercial where the 'new girl' was learning to KNIT the toilet paper, even tho it's QUILTED not knit nor pearled.

Sometimes they miss these 'tiny' little things. Oh, and while I am on this rant, I would just like to tell you that I have this calendar next to my computer that I bought somewhere back in January. Ok, today is August 16th but apparently tomorrow is Thursday August EIGHTEENTH... no 17th. this is a printed calendar. I kept looking at the thing trying to figure out why it didn't match and eventually it jumped out at me.

So, Steers with udders, Rooster Fries, Knitted quilted toilet paper and there is no tomorrow, or no 17th, at least. Weird.

Miss you, by the way. I talked to J. yesterday! She is good. Has she called you? I am sure she has. I had her girls all afternoon yesterday. They were good - they fight constantly and the little one is quick to cry these days but Z. was quite good! Yay!

Come home. I am lonely.

still your sock pupil and spinning student,

10:34 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Joy, re: Barnyard, there's no way they missed it. Somebody had to say, "well, we can't have **nises on those bare bellies, let's just put udders on them all!" And the yes men said, "yeah, let's!" Eejits.

Z and G do go at it a bit. J has really had to try to keep them apart a lot this summer. I'm hoping that 1st grade is busy enough for G to get her teeth into.

Yes, J called me from Hong Kong. Sounds like she'll be back there pretty often, which is cool. Now if only she needed an au pair...to go with her...I love traveling.

We're having a quiet time here. My mom has to work. But tomorrow we will go to the Somerset County 4-H Fair and the weekend should be busy, also. Tuesday we go into New York to see a taping of "The Daily Show" (swoon) and then we're almost home. It goes too fast for me!

Miss you, too!

6:21 AM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

Well, whether they 'forgot' or did it on purpose, idiocy is what it is!

How was the fair? Did you buy any fleece? Did you mention that you scored an alpaca fleece from the library reading club people? How cool is that.

Somebody told me they saw something made of llama yarn (my mamma's a llama... I am compelled to say that every time I say llama...). They said it's really soft. I happened upon an ad online for seasilk. I am now yearning to touch it. It's like $35 an itty bitty skein but I can at least touch, right?

I stayed up till 2 finishing the lacy sock. Sarah tried it on and IT FITS! It is really beautiful. I am proud. I will cast on and get to work on the second one asap. I didn't do the second sock rule (you must cast on before you get up etc.) because a. it was 2am and 2. I wanted to make sure it fit her first since it was kindof a lot of work. There are mistakes but you will be proud of your pupil!

S. and I are taking Z. to get her 1st day of school outfit today. S. says both girls at once are 'too much, ai yay yai!' One at a time, I guess. I am convinced that a good 1st grade teacher will whip that G. into shape. She's very smart. She needs taming. I think she will be fine!

How are M and L? The Daily show is next week, right? Sounds fun. I have to go to a Jay taping... it's around the block and I love him... why I don't go is a mystery to me.

adios muchachita!

11:10 AM  

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