Saturday, July 29, 2006

Reality TV

I am a bit of a reality TV addict, although not every show. I watch Survivor, Amazing Race and Project Runway religiously.

But there is a new show in town: Who Wants to be a Superhero?

I don't believe I have EVER laughed so hard at a TV show. This was great! The names, the personalities, the hero themes, all way fun!

I was, of course, appalled at how many of them missed the little girl in distress. And what's the deal with picking up other people's kids? My rule is don't touch unless they are actually hurt. And I'm trained in first aid.

What a romp! The guy in the red (I don't know their names yet) was so funny doing schtick everywhere, making the pigeons fly away, oh, my gosh!!

Anyway, no fiber content at the moment, but watch this show!


Blogger joyfossil said...

When is this crazy show? It sounds very goofy - D probably won't watch it... and he likes to think he is in charge of the remote...

See you in the pool later today!

Oh, I am up to the gusset on a new sock - blue stripeys. It's coming out kindof larger than anticipated. I did a swatch but I think I am knitting looser than usual - the #3 needles seem HUGE after #-000 on the Dolly socks. They were supposed to be for my sister in law but they are wider than I think they should be. It's ok tho... they can be for ME!
I am such a knitting convert... I am so loving it! I owe it all to you, my darling sock enabler.


1:05 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Be careful, the impulse to use larger needles (for speed) leads to socks that do not wear well! I only knit DK weight yarn on 3's (but often 2's). I want those socks to LAST. Especially if they're for an adult who won't grow out of them.

But I am VERY glad that knitting has grabbed your interest. It can really go a long, long while before you have learned everything (if ever).

I may not be at the pool today. Meaghan is not sure she wants to and J has something to do now so he can't give me a break now. He might bring them over. But the bright side is, he won't bug you, he'll be in the water with them.

The show is really goofy but really fun. Does he read comic books at all? That's the demographic.

We must firm up Tuesday, I guess. It's still fine with me!

1:27 PM  

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