Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Summer Vacation Post #1

Blogswarm accomplished. I even put in Site Meter so I could see if anyone came over from Shakespeare's Sister and some people visited. But no comments. Oh, well. I don't want to write any more about Katrina as the MSM is giving me enough and Bush is yammering on. I read where right outside of the frame, there was a toilet in a yard and a house with the wiring hanging out. But not on TV, oh, no! So on to happier days...

We are back! And have jumped in with both feet. School started yesterday, but that is for another post. I will begin with the day we left...

Since we left on DS's birthday, they let the kids fly the plane:

Here they are studying hard so as not to have any problems!

The first part of our trip was spent at my in-laws' farm in PA.

Here is DS with his oldest cousin, also his Godfather:

They are buddies. All of the nephews were their usual helpful, sweet selves and played a lot with the kids. Thanks, boys!

Here my kids are with the middle cousin:

And DS with the youngest:

We got to see "Barnyard" (see previous post) and play A LOT. Even some miniature golf, which the kids are finally old enough to play. Everyone got a hole in one!!

Blogger isn't letting me post any more photos so more later!


Blogger joyfossil said...

First of all, if I had had a magic wand and could have swooshed myself to New Orleans yesterday, I might have ended up in jail because I had the almost uncontrollable urge to smack Bush... I saw an interview with... I can't remember who... and His Shrublyness was all like ' oh we have to get the money to the people right away'' and all I could think of was, 'Hey, you've had a freakin' YEAR...'. It's all so wrong.

Second, just HOW did they let your kids into the cockpit? I mean they don't LOOK like terrorists but I thought security was, well, um, SECURE????

Third day of school. All is going well here - how are Kindergarten and second grade?

Oh, and I ripped out more than four inches of a sock this morning... the cuff was ugly and was going to bother me for all eternity, so I can't believe it, but I am starting again.

Your knitting pupil,

8:48 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Everyone rips out sometimes, it's part of the process. And then you get to knit more!

They were in the cockpit after landing, if that makes you feel any better.

Bush was terrible yesterday. I can't believe he even dared to show his face down there. He has no shame. But he never did. What could we expect? He is a shameless criminal as far as I'm concerned.

School is going well and I will post about it later. M's reaction to Miss D was "I always get the best one!" And so it goes. L is having a great time, too. But, man, they are rough at home.

See you at the pool if not before!

1:39 PM  

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