Thursday, August 31, 2006

Summer Vacation Post #2

But first, kudos to Keith Olbermann for holding Rummy's feet to the fire last night. Right on!!

Before we left, my DFIL told us about his burgeoning houseplant. He had taken a cutting from it and put it over the sink in the kitchen, but the original plant was from a cutting his sister-in-law (Aunt Margaret) had brought back from...World War II. Germany.

The cutting over the sink, however, had bloomed. The original plant had never done so. So he wanted to know what it was and why it had bloomed after 50 years. So did we! So I did some research. This:

is the flower of a Wax Vine or Hoya carnosa. It probably bloomed due to being watered less often. It would thrive in our California garden so we might very well bring hom a cutting ourselves at Christmas. Fun! And kind of a gift from Aunt Margaret who passed away suddenly while I was pregnant with DD.

On our last day in PA, we took some pictures with the relatives. Here's the last one:

This is the man who's getting the sweater. I will post a picture of the pattern if I can find one online. He'll never read the blog!

We left for New Jersey and had to be picked up halfway by my stepfather, D, who I believe had an allergic reaction to the fact that we had spent 8 days petting every animal at the farm all day long. Sorry, D! Nice drive, though, and we reached Grandma and Grandpa's house unscathed. Promptly sent GPa to the beach. Thanks for giving up most of your lovely day!!

We spent 12 days in NJ, not seeing my mom as much as we (or she) would like, as she is in the middle of a trial. But if there is justice in the world, at least she will win it. They just shouldn't give control over elderly people's lives and fortunes to people who are just plain mean to them. That should be a law.

Blogger has again ceased to allow me to post photos so I will be back later. Have a lovely!


Blogger joyfossil said...

That flower is really beautiful! What a cool thing to have something like that. I am currently obsessed with the tv show Alias and in it there is this series of artifacts made by a guy a very long time ago that they discover. One of them is a plant (looked orchid-like) that was all those hundreds of years old. Your pretty plant reminded me of that.

Did you watch Alias? Seems it was Jill's favorite show practically ever and I missed it entirely. We are watching it on dvd, like 3 a nite... LOVE it!

Your vacation pics are definately cute!

see ya tomorrow at the pool? Last weekend of the summer (boo hoo...).

(still knitting sox... love sox, love you for hooking me on sox.)

2:55 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Yes, we have to remember to take a cutting at Christmas!

I watched the first two or three seasons of Alias obsessively but then I lost the thread somewhere. And West Wing moved to Sunday or something. I would like to watch the rest of it on DVD someday.

Pool tomorrow!

5:11 PM  

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