Monday, March 10, 2008

Is it wrong...

To keep DD home from school one more day mostly because she has that "I'm going to the nurse's office anyway" look on her face?

To knit competitive socks (speed) on a relaxing retreat?

To let the dog sleep on the clean laundry and still consider it "clean?"

To buy 12 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from your daughter, but 6 of them in the only flavor that you yourself can eat?

Answers to these and many other questions later...if there's time with the DD home and all.



Blogger Heide said...

Back in our GS cookie days I was pretty much my daughters' sole customer. We lived in a terrible neighborhood at the time. Sorry about the sick kidlet, but it's better for them to be home until they're completely well. If everyone did that then there would be fewer epidemic colds, flues, etc. It's only bad to speed knit if you don't show us a picture of the socks.

2:49 PM  
Blogger AuntieAnn said...

Late to the party, but I read your blog, too. Just not daily, here. We just finished up the last cookie booth, and the only deliveries yet to make are mine to do -- must actually go to the office. Hopefully tomorrow.

10:46 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I don't mind the speed knitting, except I'm supposed to be relaxing on retreat. Luckily, all the women I'm going with know that knitting is relaxing for me. And I will probably skip yoga...

8:46 PM  
Blogger jessie said...

In reply to an earlier post, the only reason I'm not reading is I've once again fallen behind on blogs and can't seem to get past the "700 unread posts" marker in my blog reader. Ack!

As for this post, I don't see anything wrong with anything you've posted. Other than that I want to go on a knitting retreat.

2:40 AM  

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