Friday, March 21, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, already in progress

I won't even bother to document the week that we are having over here. Everything is going fine, it's just too many things. But having made it to Friday morning, here's today:

Good Friday church service at noon.
Extra children's choir rehearsal at 4:00
Friends over for dinner and to decorate eggs at 5:30
(which entails a trip to the store and the boiling of the eggs)
Work for the writer

That's really not too bad.

And tomorrow all we have is boothing.
And work.

So I went ahead and started DD's Amelia Earhart hat for her book report. She has to dress up as her biography subject and give a presentation after spring break (O.M.G., spring break!!!!!) which starts Monday. She's more than halfway through the book so we're in good shape. I would like to finish the hat before Sock Madness Round 2 and should, if I can stop having to start it over. I think I've reached the same row 3 times now.

Monday is officially PAJAMA DAY at our house. We will play Wii, we will knit, we will walk the dog and drink coffee. We will NOT GET DRESSED. This I declare!

Easter morning is a bear, as the children and I all have to sing 3 services starting very early, but goes by pretty quickly and they do a nice job at our church (plus the choir gets a great hot breakfast). That week off is calling my name...



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