Sunday, June 15, 2008

On the First Day of Summer my True Love Gave to Me...

A day when we don't have to be anywhere till 11:00 a.m.

Enough yarn to satisfy any reasonable person.

A plan to teach spinning to a Ravelry buddy.

Enough work but not too much.

Swimming lessons!

A park program to take the kids (and feed them) so I have time to teach aforesaid Ravelry buddy to spin.

I'm loving even the anticipation of our real summer routine's beginning tomorrow.

We spent part of both days this weekend at the pool and it was really nice. We will be there again every morning for the next 6 weeks and many afternoons for fun as well. I'm thinking about bringing the wheel...

Progress photos in many areas:

VBS: lamb of god We had such a wonderful week at Power Lab!

Knitting: Round 7 2 Sock Madness 2, Final Round. I'm taking a break from these to knit something summery. They are SO thick and warm I can hardly bear to work on them right now.

Spinning: iris roving This is the roving from the yarn in the modular strips of the above sock. I ran out of yarn, found some more singles, ran out again, found some more roving, then realized I didn't really want 3 strips per sock (after knitting 5). But I might as well finish it off!

Tonight I'm swatching for a shell in Knitpicks Cotlin. I will knit it in the round and hopefully get through it in a week or so. Wish I could stomach starting Kauni, but I might have to wait till our air conditioning is working.

I'm hoping to get plenty of crafty time in next week while we are finally less busy. Hope your summer is starting out great!



Blogger Joyfossil said...

wish I were with you. I think I may have found a shell I like for that yarn in an old interweave mag. I have to show it to the girl.

Have fun at the pool... without us. boo hoo.

10:07 PM  

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