Monday, May 18, 2009


I desperately want to start knitting something new...anything! Everything in "Custom Knits"...something else from "A Fine Fleece"...a shawl...

But I simply MUST finish something first, especially either pair of socks and/or the Fair sweater!!!

Drowning in Startitis!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Clearly this needs to go on my to-do list

Everything (not really) on there gets done, eventually!

All is well here at Chez Chaos, though.

Kids are finishing things up, camping is over, DS gets promoted to Bear tonight, spring dance recital was a great success. I will put up a video of DS's play as soon as I have the show edited (one reason I haven't been over here).

DD is doing VERY well in school, yay! Student of the Month for April! It's been a bit of a slog being in the GATE cluster this year but she has really risen to the occasion. Congratulations, DD!

I think I blogged about being eliminated from Sock Madness right at the beginning. Yes! The other patterns so far have been put aside in favor of continuing on with October Frost, of which I don't have any new pictures. I have however knit a front and about 8 inches of the back, so progress is being made. I really do want to finish this sweater in time to send it to the Fair (deadline: July 7). We shall see.

I'm also cheating on that (what's new?) and knitting Kai-Mei socks out of the incredibly beautiful yarn sent to me as a congratulations gift by CelticMemory: celtic memory closeup The socks are turning out gorgeous, but no pictures yet. Maybe I'll have time today, but I doubt it as I'm cleaning house.

Finished spinning some BFL from Spunky Eclectic (not Club) and I love it! confused darker Now to find the perfect sock pattern and the time to knit it...but after Kai-Mei and the sweater most likely. Although another pair of Marigolds is pretty mindless...

Other news: Job is GREAT! Spent half of last weekend on Women's Retreat and for me the whole thing turned out to be about gratitude vs. fear. For a LONG time I've been very familiar with fear, comfortable with its familiarity, functioning within it most of the time well enough, sometimes not well at all (sorry, J!). Gratitude was fleeting and unfamiliar territory.

Now I find myself grateful all the time, happy a lot of the time, and hardly ever fearful. A huge sea-change. And I can look back and see how this result came to be from things that have happened, choices made, prayers answered long, long ago.

My biggest insight about it, I think, is that being open is more important than being conscious of and trying to control everything. Maybe that doesn't make sense, but willingness to listen matters more than knowing what you're listening for.

Anyway, I'm listening!

And knitting and spinning and having people over for dinner (OMG!) and looking forward to summer and looking forward to next year and the next and the next. How cool is that?

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