Friday, February 26, 2010

A Quiet Week, considering

DD has been at camp all week with school.

No fighting.

But I miss her! Lunchtime today, she will be home, filled with new experiences and stories to tell, yay!

Meanwhile, DS has been in despair with the missing of the sister. "The house is not the same." "Can I stay up till she gets back?" Too bad he won't remember not to pester her. He's planning to give her a PRESENT.

In work news, no news is good news, I guess. There will be another (unpleasant? nonevent?) meeting next Tuesday after which I think it will all go away at least until this time next year. Or not.

I've been fibering for the Ravelympics, though and finished projects for both of my events:
Sock HockeyFirefly socks complete Firefly socks, 2-ply BFL dyed by Twisted Fiber Arts in Firefly colorway and

Flying Camel Spin selfish closeup
Navajo plied Shetland from Spunky Eclectic in Selfish

I think I meant to 2-ply that, but ended up wanting to N-ply, which I really enjoy. I would do it more, but to get a true sock yarn, the singles are SO thin, it takes forever, like lace.

I didn't ever work on the sweater yarn, too much stress at work to do a big project, but I feel like I did accomplish something considering all the circumstances.

Today I will start the sweater yarn and watch both the long and short programs of the Ladies Singles. I know the results, but I hear the performances were amazing so I don't want to miss them!

May peace prevail upon the earth.

Friday, February 19, 2010

On Retreat...

Wish it was from everything, but it is in fact work related, oh, well.

I shall knit!

May peace prevail upon the earth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Crock

Having trouble with Lenten forgiveness today--I broke down last night at Ash Wednesday about my inability think of people as Christians who behave in a Christianist way. I loathe Christianists.

Why does Man have to get his dirty little fingers into everything of God's?

In fiber content (and thank goodness for knitting as therapy), I finished my green sweater: green basic chic
Cascade 220, 6 skeins, almost all used up, maybe 30 yards left. Size 38ish. Size 6 and 7 needles.

Loved knitting this, although the body did get a bit dull. Went quickly when I focused on it. Would make this again in a heartbeat. Hoping I can use it, brightness regardless, as a throw-on-anytime sweatshirt sort of garment.

Also finished the first sock for the Ravelympics: RPM sock 1 and did the ribbing and one repeat of sock 2 so far. Have decided not to drive myself up to the mountains tomorrow so should have plenty of car knitting time this weekend, yay!

May peace prevail upon the earth (and in my heart).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Knitting Olympics starts today!

And not unlike many who compete, I will be participating for the joy of it, not the medals.

I have completed the challenges in both my previous Olympics, but the stress is so bad at work, I can't add any pressure outside unnecessarily. And of course, now I'm sick.

So I will be there with you all! I will go to the Opening Ceremonies and knit. I will spin every day. If I finish the socks, I will be thrilled; if I don't, I won't be disappointed. Participation is the most important thing.

Great luck to all who are in the running for medals, Go for the Gold!

May peace prevail upon the earth.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We may have come to an agreement.

But it still is suckish, as my newly-minted 11-year-old would say.

Looks like I'm still employed, though, which in this economy is most likely a good outcome. Resigning on principle is hard when unemployment sits over 10%.

And principle is one of my 8-year-old's spelling words this week!

I'm not alone, either. I found out yesterday that if the teachers in our district don't agree to a pay cut, the classes are going to be even bigger next year due to even more layoffs. We've had a very difficult year with a combination 2nd-3rd grade class and I wouldn't want that to get worse. But I really feel for the teachers right now!

Here's hoping that the economy picks up, people go back to getting married and having parties, there are new shows and books to work on, pilots get bought, pilot season comes back at all, Healthcare reform passes in some actually useful form. All of that would help my family directly.

But if not, until that time, we hunker down and remember we're still in better shape than we used to be. We still have each other, the dryer works (thanks, D!!), our summer vacation tickets are already purchased, we have plenty of yarn, fabulous friends and it will all work out in the end. Yes?

On the fiber front, I've been under so much stress about everything I just cannot add any pressure about the Olympics. I'll do what I can and probably manage the socks. But I was also going to spin for a sweater and I will work on that. But this week and last week really kicked my *ss on the green sweater and I would REALLY like to finish it now that I'm halfway done with the hood and all there is left after that is the button bands, NO SEWING UP! Gotta hand it to top-down design!

So my new Olympic goals are to wear this sweater and to knit socks out of handspun. Anything more than that is gravy.

May peace prevail upon the earth.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Back to Fiber Content

Due to the work stuff giving me panic attacks.

Anyway, finished a pair of socks last week (thanks, play rehearsals for something) and have reached sleeve island on the green sweater. I REALLY want to finish this before the Ravelympics craziness begins.

Speaking of Ravelympics, though, I will be trying to complete two projects this time, one spinning and one knitting (one for home, one for out).

I will be spinning 4 different colorways together for a Snowbird sweater: swatch corrected This is a sort of color corrected picture of the swatch. This yarn might photograph better in a light box but I still haven't built one, ho hum

I will also be knitting socks in the Firefly colorway out of handspun BFL: firefly closeup

I'm competing for a few teams: Team Big Damn Heroes (Firefly fans), Team Madness (Sock Madness people), Spinning Knitters and (the one my kids get a kick out of) Team Monkey Farts (Spunky Eclectic fans). We don't even let the kids say "fart" in company so they think this is way breaking the rules!

In fun work news, I'm spending a lot of time pumping up the website--I put the very first digital audio file of a sermon up last night (it took me 4 hours to figure it out) and will be adding a Youth Chat Room and Discussion Forums by the end of the week. Maybe they can hash things out digitally! Will give them a place to vent, anyway, I suppose, except that the people who want to vent aren't online....and don't get it AT ALL.

May peace prevail upon the earth (and at my church).
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