Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Does it seem like I haven't been knitting?

I have. But I have also been obsessing about politics and political groups on Ravelry and registering to comment on Daily Kos and stuff like that. I actually made a comment on Daily Kos the other day about how I thought the "Administration" had been holding on to this awful "bailout" plan for a while so they could pull it on us and make the election results utterly moot. And then it turns out to be TRUE!!!!

I'd rather be a conspiracy theorist than be right. Really.

Anyway, I have been knitting. And finally spinning a bit. Going back to 10 Minutes a Day since I seem to be having trouble actually sitting down.

I finished the Orange for Obama socks: orange for obama final Love them! Can't wait till it's cold enough to wear them. Or November 4th. But my head might explode before then.

Then I knit an Obama sweater for my dog: Obama dog sweater Mock away! I'm not sensitive! I'm all about the Obama swag, baby! And she needed a sweater anyway. She likes a temperature range of about 75-80 degress fahrenheit, silly pound puppy!

Then, being good and looking at my Ravelry queue, I cast on for Sprout Growing Roots so that the lovely Cotton Rope I bought on sale this summer would not languish forever in the stash. I'm not worried about the wool yarn languishing. I can hardly stand not to start something with it. I'm even knitting it at a larger gauge than the pattern so it's going very quickly and today I will be finished with the yoke, even with work and homework and all. I would put up a progress picture but it doesn't really look like anything squished onto the circular.

My spinning is yarn for a secret project, although the yarn is not a secret: rivendell BFL 1

Next non-political post will be this year's trip to the L.A. County Fair. But don't hold your breath.

Oh, and I love you, Chris Dodd!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer Vacation Part Deux

After 9 lovely days in PA, the kids and I took the train up to NJ to see my folks and had a fabulous time!

We spent a LOT of time at the beach: kids on beach

We took another try at the Statue of Liberty and got to go inside this year, although not inside the statue, only to the top of the pedestal, which is as high as they let you go nowadays.

Inside the pedestal they have a cool little museum where you can see how they designed and built her to withstand her own weight. The copper she is made of is thinner than a penny!

Here are the kids with the replica of her foot made from the original castings:

statue of liberty foot

When we were climbing down, I tried to take a good picture of my "Socks on Vacation" for Summer of socks but the scale was just too big:

socks on vacation

We also went to our favorite historical restoration, Allaire Village, which we always do. This year we decided to go fishing. They rent you a pole with line and hook and give you a little ziplock with pieces of hotdog in it. We fished for a while. We figured it was just fun to stand there and see if the fish would eat the hotdogs, which they did. Then DS got a bite!! And caught a fish!!!! DS and the fish Of course, then we all freaked out because we couldn't get the hook out and we didn't actually want to KILL anything, you know? We were rescued by a dad who was there and the fish survived. Whew!

Toward the end of our stay we went to the newly remodeled Liberty Science Center. What a great facility (except for at the end when a water main broke somewhere and none of the bathrooms worked, but that wasn't their fault).

Kids got to be scientists in a real lab: young scientists saw a cool 3-D movie about bugs and ride a zipline: DD on rope This was especially cool because DS couldn't pass the test to prove that he could hold onto the rope long enough at first, but he persevered and eventually passed. Good job, DS!

We kept going to the beach whenever we were close to home late in the day and at the end we went more, especially after DS got his boogie board: DS on boogie board Any idea if he was having a good time?

Great thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for giving us such wonderful experiences this summer! We miss you!

kids with NJ grands

And now back to our regularly scheduled snark...


Monday, September 15, 2008

Is this the man you want to be President?

I've been calling them McCain/Satan. Perhaps Satan/Satan would be more apt.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Official

From now on it's "jumped the pig."

Credit to Richard Wolffe of Newsweek on yesterday's Countdown.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking a Short Break

From watching Sarah Palin become a pariah, I present you with some scenes from my sock drawer. I hope you enjoy them. I know I do!

The handspun socks:
handspun sock collection 1

These will soon be joined by my socks that are on display at the L.A.
County Fair (Red ribbon) and my Orange for Obama socks, still in progress. Ooh, those are both orange socks. I'm going to have to switch to purple for a while or something.

The entire collection:
sock collection 1

Yes, there are 16 pairs there. With one at the fair, one on the needles and one going to the contest at the fair on Saturday, that leaves me two pairs from three full weeks of handknits. Think we can do it? Yes We Can!

And why does everyone ask me who my socks are being made for? Why, me, of course!

[I don't have pictures of the plethora of socks I have knit for others, including CIC, because I haven't got them in my sock drawer. They do exist, I promise!]

But now that I have come this close to the family tradition of having enough clothes to go three weeks without doing laundry, I must strive and achieve! Of course, I have at least two pairs in progress other than the Orange ones (leftover from Sock Madness II), so I will finish them off. And a pair of gift socks in the spinning now. Too much fun!

I bet Sarah Palin could use some handknit socks to keep her toesies warm during the long Alaskan winters. HAHAHAHA!!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

The next 60 days will be low on knitting content.

Friday, September 05, 2008

10 Thoughts on the Conventions (snark warning)

1. They put McCain up in front of a green screen AGAIN!?!? Oh, it turns out to be grass. That makes it all better. Not. Eejits. Oh, it turns out to be a picture of Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, CA. That makes sense. Oh, no it doesn't. Some dweeb did a google for photos of Walter Reed and got the wrong one!?!? We have to "catch up to history" all right! HAHAHAHA!

2. Hey, John, be careful about mentioning "history" so much. We know you were there for most of it.

3. Nice litany of failures, there, John. Yup, yup, those are yours.

4. Sarah Palin wasn't shrill, she was mean. Heathers, baby. She might have the balls to knock him off to get to the top, you never know. Watch your back, Jack.

5. A big reason Palin seems like a big deal is it's like she's a contestant on "Survivor." Watch this season as your next door neighbor, the PTA President you love to hate, plays the game so well she goes on to the FINAL TWO! Only it's also like "American Idol" with the voting and all. Let's not vote for the worst one just for fun, K?

6. Democrats are smart enough to write their own speeches.

7. If your pet issue is drill, drill, drill, you're down with the R's. If your pet issue is any one of healthcare, the economy, education, ending the war, poverty, choice, global climate change, accountability, national security, nuclear proliferation, equal pay, equal rights for LGBT folks, separation of church and state, protecting Social Security, you're a DEMOCRAT this cycle. Seriously. Get out there and vote!

8. Cindy McCain is feeling the Heathers, too, I think. That whole tribute film was disgusting. "I'm so wonderful, I should be the running mate!" Sick, sick stuff. And after all, she's probably as qualified as Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman. She has run a giant corporation. And they're all more qualified than Palin. Shit, my mom says I'm more qualified than Sarah Palin.

9. It's a history making election regardless of who wins, so please, please don't vote with your gonads. She's Tracy Flick without the nice. She's the hockey mom making sure your kid doesn't play in the game because you didn't bake your own cookies for snack.

10. POW doesn't have as much POW! as it used to. Why is that? Oh, because it was used to defend them against: too rich, too many houses, too many kitchen tables, too many servants, too expensive shoes, too long in Washington, too close to Bush, bad grades in school, expletives, and being too scared to have keys rattled in your presence. POW yourself. What have you done for me lately?


Come back later for news from the Fair!

Peace. And please, oh, please...
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