Sunday, April 19, 2009

It really was a great week!

Good grades, good t-ball, busy but not overwhelmed, started with a bang, ended with actually a bit of relief rather than disappointment.

As I said before, I have now what I consider to be the perfect day job for me. I'm the new Assistant Director of Family Ministry and Webmaster for my church, where I have worked as the Soprano Soloist/Section Leader for 8 years. We are members of this wonderful community and our kids are having great fun growing up there. It is a pleasant campus full of lovely people and my new boss is terrific (and a friend already). Hours are flexible and easily done around school times and such and I can do web work at home (thanks, Mom!). I am extremely happy and thankful to have my new position!

And while I can't knit at work, I have been knitting due to having more time in the evenings that are not taken up with other money-earning endeavors. Yesterday, I completed Round 2 of Sock Madness 3 (from which I was already eliminated): SM3 round 2 done Okay, not the best picture, but I haven't even washed them yet, let alone blocked. And it's WAY too hot to wear them!

Pattern: Tokena
Yarn: Handspun wool/mohair from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, Flowering Weeds, 3 ply;
Knitpicks Gloss in Black.

I really enjoyed this pattern and would knit it again, although I could use one where I don't have to follow a chart for every row next time, hint, hint! Both patterns so far have not been memorizable. At least for me!

Now I really have to get back to October Frost if I want to put it in the Fair this year. I have 12 weeks and the spinning took 7 so the knitting should be quicker, yes? But only if you work on it, silly. The socks are calling out to me, though. Round 3 comes out tomorrow sometime.

So the not disappointing news is that I did not get a scholarship to the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat in Oregon this fall. This uncomplicates my life significantly (new job and all) and means I'll be home for Halloween, so it's fine. I'm thinking about having a little spinning retreat of my own at my house for friends and students. I have to think it through, but we could work on techniques or try each other's wheels or card or dye or whatever. All fun!

I leave you with a little video from Easter morning. My kids are in the choir.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Can you see me doing the Happy Dance?

I got the job at church!!

Thanks go out to all my friends and family who sent good thoughts my way and to the encouragement and support of my fellow church members. Your friendship has been invaluable!!

Now to do a good job!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

HolyWeek craziness!

I'll do a real post on Monday. Suffice it to say that Holy Week is very busy when you work in a church!

We should have lovely services tomorrow--kids singing, dancers, bell choir, Chancel choir.

OTOH, DS (7) has the most incredibly full schedule, I can't quite believe it. Cub Scouts conflicts with rehearsal, then the kids sing all 3 services Sunday, then rehearsal and t-ball on Monday, dance class Tuesday, choir practice Wednesday. When does he do his homework?

See you after the frenzy has ended!


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Things are Falling Into Place

Amazingly just got a postcard from the County Fair and they are going a week later this year and so...

The Spinning Contest will NOT conflict with Family Camp!!!


Friday, April 03, 2009

Back after Spring Break!

And it's a good thing we had some rest, I think. Very busy, as usual!

Sock Madness III has been frustrating. I started with handspun, but it turned out to be too thick, knitting a huge sock and destined to run out of yarn. So I ripped it out and after one night of giving up, started again. Here is where I was when they cut off Round 1: SM3 Round 1 at elimination I am totally okay with being eliminated. Now I can adjust the patterns to the yarn, rather than having to knit on no matter what. I do plan on continuing on, unless the pattern really doesn't appeal to me.

But elimination also means that I can spread the crafty time around, such as it is!

Went back to spinning my latest fractal sock yarn: confused singles 1

Spunky Eclectic BFL in Confused. I just had to have this, they are SO my colors! I need to dye some more teal/orange/purple, obviously. I would love a sweater in this colorway someday. Hmmm...

In other realms, my new boss started on Wednesday and everyone was asking me if I was staying. So far, so good. Will find out on Monday for the long term. Prayers or good thoughts my way would be very welcome, as I love the work, love the people and it would be a very fulfilling place to spend my working hours for a good long while.

I would also get to continue on as the Webmaster, which I'm enjoying immensely! It is so fun to be in charge of web content for something. Now if only I could get more of the congregation to check in regularly...

Very busy with Scouts (both), t-ball, dance, choir (adult and children), bells, typing, all fun.

We had a wonderful time with Mom last week and hope that we can make it a regular Spring Break thing! Didn't take a lot of pictures myself, but the kids took a lot and hope Mom will send me some of hers, too. (nudge, nudge)

Holy Week looms for all of us who work in churches, very busy there, too, but all good.

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