Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WIP Wednesday

I'll admit this isn't everything OTN right now, but that would be one helluva post!

1) Pomatomus: Finished first sock except for toe. I wanted to weigh the sock and the remaining yarn before I finished it off so I put the toe on waste yarn. Looks good, but then I went ahead and cast on the second sock. Almost done with the ribbing. Here it was after the heel:

lantern festival sock 2

2) Not knitting yet, but yarns for the Mitered Square Sweater are progressing slowly. I finished the fourth (of 6) over the weekend:

pie with everything true

And started the fifth yesterday:

leaf peep BFL singles

This is the second set of Leaf Peep from Spunky Eclectic for me. The first one was on a different type of wool and came out more like cream of tomato soup. But all is well, since I want the yarns to all be different and coordinate.

I have also started another evil cardigan. I can't help myself. Must. Knit. Sweater. I thought I would be doing Imogen during the spinning project but finished it really fast. Must Have sleeve:

must have 1

It is running small, as noted by other bloggers, so I will be knitting the Large size and not worrying about it AT ALL. I like the gauge, I like the needles, I like the fabric. I may tweak the sleeve length, but as far as I'm concerned a slightly oversized Aran cardigan is heaven.

Need to get ready for Sock Madness. Need to train fierce puppy. Need to do something like ten million other things, but all is well.

Oh, and my Edwards yard sign came yesterday. What do I do with it?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fly by post!

Too busy, to wit:

Making (helping) a Rapunzel puppet good enough to get an "excellent" rather than "satisfactory" grade for DD;

Boy scout event Friday (with decorations), Girl Scout event Saturday (all day, with running a convention-like booth)

Working for my Writer, very lucrative, very time consuming. Almost 500 minutes of interviews to transcribe ASAP. I'm at about...250. Would dearly love to finish (and invoice) this by Saturday, but that would be a bit superhuman. Maybe by bedtime Saturday;

DS needs CLEATS for T-ball practice Thursday;

T-ball practice;

Elementary school read-in on Friday morning;

Lenten prayer group like I need to leave right now;

Girl scout cookie boothing starts Friday night and I'm doing 9 hours;

And all the regular stuff. Still waiting for a "normal week" to happen. I have a feeling it's not on its way quite yet.

Weeks coming up:

Next week is conference week; everyone gets out of school at 1:13 all week.
Boothing, boothing, boothing.
Holy Week.
Spring break.

Can't do much knitting or spinning (see above) but trying to squeeze it in. Did finish another yarn for the mitered sweater last week but haven't taken it off the niddy-noddy yet. Hopefully later today but I'm not too confident...

Hope you're getting more me-time than I am!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Puppies are funner than I thought!

Here she is this morning:

ginny 2

Pretty sure she's figured out a) this is her house; b) we are her peeps; and c) this is WAY better than the shelter. She's fetching toys (sometimes) and really is a very loving little thing. We are all enjoying the process!

However, due to the fact that she is sleeping with DS, I have had some knitting time. Which last night was terribly frustrating.

Lace is not my best thing. And because of that, I have the desire to conquer it. However, I had to frog some of this sock:

lantern festival sock 2

There is patterning on every row which means I had to get back to a row where I could find all the yarnovers properly. I was really afraid that I'd end up frogging the whole thing and that would be that. But I got back to about 12 gusset stitches and only had to try to get it on the needles FOUR TIMES. I'm going to pay more attention now, but I've already been missing all of the actual visual part of TV for a few days. I need a stockinette sock to work on at the same time, there's no question. But I have resolved to knit with handspun.

I think the Magic Carpet Ride is going to come out. Or the Hang on Sloopy. But I know I don't really have enough yarn spun for a whole pair. Or there's always the Celebration...hmm...

Did I post this yarn?

celebration skein

Gorgeous Shetland sock yarn!!! I am getting to the point where, when I have enough handspun for something, I don't want to use it up. Silly! There's always more to be made! There, I shall ball this up today and start a stockinette sock with great joy and gladness!

Speaking of spinning, here's the progress on the sweater yarns:

baked alaska skein

Baked Alaska from Hello Yarn, DK weight, 212 yards.

And on the wheel:

pie singles 2

Pie with Everything from Spunky Eclectic, destined to be more DK for the mitered square sweater in my mind.

Off to make breakfast for the kiddoes! Have a great President's Day if you're in the U.S. and let's all celebrate the end of the current Oval Office Occupant!


Friday, February 15, 2008

Were you wondering where I went?

I've been home with...

ginny 1


Our cutie new puppy!

Okay, I admit it. I was not thrilled about getting a dog. More work, more money, more pressure on keeping the house, more time. But isn't she just the cutey-wootiest!?! She has totally won me over.

Not much knitting, lots of cuddling going on.

Have a lovely weekend!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Show this one to your "McCain is a Maverick" folks. Heh.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Did I say THIS is the year of the sweater?

'Cause it seems to have started a while back. I was thinking of all the sweaters I've finished since last April:

And I have more plans still. I want to knit a Must Have Cardigan and then there's the sweater for the fair. Apparently, first grade is good for the knitting!

Oh, and if anyone gives you any "straight talk" blather about McCain, he was in Washington last night, he's expressed support for the economic stimulus package but it failed by 1 vote. That's right. He did not have the courage either to vote with his previously expressed opinion or to vote with his caucus against it. Want to talk about heroic now?


Monday, February 04, 2008

Imogen done and a silly project

Although I need (and will) to make a hat for Heide this week, I joined a knitalong making scarves to wear on Inauguration Day 2009, too much fun!

So far:

Kathryn Alexander's Color on Color scarf from Scarf Style, block 1.

And here's a modeled shot of Imogen, done, washed and blocked!

Please pay no attention to the middle-aged woman with the double chin. I've never seen her before in my life!

Love the sweater, though! Special thanks to Mom for the yarn and Adrienne for help with the pattern!

And, yes, I think I've decided where my vote is going tomorrow. Have you?


Sunday, February 03, 2008

I thought I knew what to do

But this literally moved me to tears.

What do I do with that?

Yes, we can.


Friday, February 01, 2008

We did NOT get a dog today

But we will soon, I'm sure. We keep seeing dogs that we like (rescued) and then losing the lottery to get them. Or seeing dogs that are not quite it, but that we could adopt right away. It's tough on DH, who really wants a dog more than I do. I feel like the right dog will come if we're open and looking so I want to wait. And the kids are SO disappointed when we don't get one that they went to meet.

I know, I know, we probably shouldn't take them to see the dogs. But they get a say, too!

Anyway, I said I wouldn't post another unfinished Imogen picture but I lied:

I fell asleep last night. But since yesterday I have become obsessed with knitting some socks from handspun. Nothing new about that! I rather want to try the Rainbow socks from Magknits with some self striping or two (or three or four, you know how I am). So some spinning is in the offing. I might try out the pattern with the Trekking yarn from earlier this week since when I get past the ribbing I can decide what's next.

I'm rather tired of commercial yarns, though, for the moment. I have enough Crown Mountain Farms superwash spun up for a small shawl. I have lots of sock yarn, but not in four ounce amounts. I have three colorways of Romney that could be a bag or be added to for a sweater. And Celebration is almost finished. Can I make socks out of Shetland? Or should I do a Forest Canopy? Or what? Decisions, decisions. Imogen first!

I think I've made up my mind about my primary vote on Tuesday. The debate last night really showed how smart they both are, how policy-oriented, how well versed in the issues. They would make a killer ticket together. She wins on health care, he wins on Iraq. It's a very difficult decision.

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