Friday, May 30, 2008

Remember last weekend?

[Just realized that my post about last weekend disappeared and I didn't have time to redo it, silly!]

When all I had to do was work but had no scheduled activities? Over.

This weekend: T-ball pictures, T-ball game, birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (yes, again), Church, Cub Scout Pack Meeting (long), horseback riding with Girl Scout troop followed by dinner. Plus work, plus regular stuff, you know.

I would say I was looking forward to Monday but I'm babysitting one kid in morning and two others in the afternoon. Sigh. Tuesday?

None of this will be excruciating and it will all be over very soon. But I'm thinking fondly of last weekend.

However, I have eschewed housework this week (no laughing!) to spend time with the spinning wheel. And I am so impressed with myself!

Oatmeal BFL 2ply Oatmeal BFL from Paradise Fibers, 2 ply for socks, the most gorgeous gray yarn ever! My daughter is unimpressed but I am in love! Going to the Fair as my natural colored offering. 3 ply of this is destined for October Frost from A Fine Fleece.

Grand opening singles 1 Grand Opening BFL from Spunky Eclectic. I was on a BFL roll and these singles are really even. Can I resist? Clearly not! This I will knit up this summer.

tulip skein 1a More Spunky Eclectic Club fiber, Tulips BFL, also 2 ply, also for the Fair. I tried to make the color bands line up and was reasonably successful. Nice even spinning.

Today, I don't know. Either more Grand Opening or more Dervish. And I'm knitting the final round of Sock Madness 2 and loving the modular triangles: Round 7 1

These will be my knitting for the weekend, easy peasy!

My birthday is Wednesday. Think Hillary will get me what I want? GObama!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is winding down?

Dance classes, childrens' choir, done.

Last big 3rd Grade project, done.

1st Grade spelling, done.

Childrens' theatre group will be done tonight. T-ball is hitting us hard, though, and Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are very busy getting through the end of the year. If I can get through June 1 without having a breakdown, all will be well. If only there weren't a Chuck E. Cheese party on the 31st to try my patience!

Almost done with Round 6 Sock Madness socks, hoping to go ahead and cast on Round 7 with the finalists on the 29th. Not sure I'll finish the Fair sweater this time around, but I'll have at least two pairs of socks so it will all work out somehow. Deciding not to add any more sense of panic to my life than I absolutely need to. I'm sure you understand!

Welcome home, Mom! Hope that package got there in time!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sampling, it turns out, is nothing like swatching. As in, it's fun!

O.M.G. This Oatmeal BFL is heaven! I think I could actually spin 2 pounds of 3-ply, especially for October Frost. I did a little 3-ply and a tiny bit of 2-ply with the leftovers from two bobbins and I am IN LOVE.

Now you may ask, Sopranospinner, when will you ever get enough time at the wheel to spin 2 pounds of anything? I don't know. But I will, that I do know. The rest of this lovely stuff can go to sock yarn with joy and gladness. I also have some clean, dry fleece to card and some Fawn Corriedale to try out. I think I will love them all, but none so much as my Oatmeal BFL. My heart goes pitty-pat...


Monday, May 12, 2008

And it was so.

I did in fact have a lovely Mother's Day, thank you very much!

I received beautiful handmade gifts: md dd and md ds

I was also the lucky recipient of a basket of luxurious Clarins products with a 90 minute facial gift certificate! md basket

Thanks, family! I love you, too!!

DH sent me to buy something fun for myself so I received an order of Lendrum bobbins and BFL from Paradise Fibers today. The wool is absolutely PERFECT for October Frost. Now to spin up some samples. I haven't tried real 3-ply yet and that's why I needed more bobbins (no snarky comments about finishing up things on any of my other 9, please!). Whatever's left will become sock yarn and some socks from A Fine Fleece, which I can hardly stand not to be knitting from already.

Thanks to my mom, I ordered some Rainbow Kauni as well and will be happily knitting little squares all summer. Thanks, mom!!

I did stay in my PJ's all day, I did not cook dinner, I watched 3 movies on AMC ("I Remember Mama," "Twister" and "Judgment at Nuremburg") and spent the evening knitting these SM 2 round 6 1 (which are now up to the lace cuff where I will pause and do sock 2) and watching the "Survivor" finale. I still cannot believe Parvati beat Amanda, I was sure it would go the other way with all that venom. But since Season 1, there has been admiration for ruthless game play. It was a great season!

Today it's back to business, but not as bad as has been recently the case. This afternoon we go to a friend's house to prepare for our last big project of the Third Grade year, a demonstration presentation. We are making Rainbow Fish ahead of time (and one during the demo). It feels like a quiet week, how is that? I have a field trip and volunteers tea tomorrow, babysitting and t-ball Wednesday, but I guess that's it. And we had our last regular Girl Scout meeting this weekend without me realizing it was the last. Whew! Let's see if I can get through the tea without a confrontation with CBM (Crazy Bully Mommy). I certainly won't seek her out!

Hope you had a lovely weekend and have a relaxing and fulfilling week ahead.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, I don't know about you, but...

I plan to have a lovely Mother's Day!

I've been authorized to purchase some absolutely lovely and/or useful and/or fun things so I went ahead and ordered more Lendrum bobbins, some Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester fiber and the yarn for my Kauni cardigan, which I have been lusting after for many a long month. Thanks DH and Mom!!!

However, I have no pictures.

My mom is away in England for a couple of weeks. I have to call her tomorrow transatlantic, cool! Actually, it's really no big deal any more, is it? But she will be surprised I think. Otherwise gifts are going out late since she isn't home anyway.

Received LOVELY flowers from D, thanks! Just my colors, orange and yellow, bright and beautiful.

I do not have to sing at church tomorrow and for once neither do my children, so I plan on spending the day in my PJ's, put some time in on the spinning wheel, and eat ribs for dinner, yum! Today was hectic, next week the same. It will be nice to have a quiet day at home.

And I've made a decision about the lace socks SM 2 round 4 finished from Sock Madness II, but I won't reveal it right now. I have a toe and a bit for Round 6, am in progress on sock 2 from Round 5, almost done with sock 1 from the Optional Round, all the others are done. It's been really chilly here all week, too, so I've gotten to wear my woolies a little late in the season.

Most Important Event of Today: DS got two doubles and a single in t-ball!!

Now will someone tell me what Hillary is really waiting for?


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Still alive (so far)

We're having our busiest weekend of the spring (always) this week with our Church children's variety show. I volunteer so I'm there a lot and the kids are there a lot and here we go again today. The house is a wreck, we are exhausted, we've eaten takeout I don't know how many meals in a row but the show is lots of fun and everybody has worked very hard. Congratulations, children, youth, Angie, Mary and everyone at BFUMC!!

Now can I please take a break?


Monday is First Grade Field Trip which I am chaperoning. And then a t-ball game.

Tuesday. Tuesday is the day I'm aiming for. Of course, I'll need to clean the house, but that will actually be a relief!

Knitting on the Optional Round of Sock Madness II. Don't know if I'll finish by Thursday but loving the socks: round 6 1 I'm further than this now but this was the last moment I had time to shoot it.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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