Saturday, April 29, 2006

I've started a new project

I have a new blog for a Spinalong for Project Spectrum. Come on over to the
Spectrum Spinalong

and join on in!

We're spinning fiber in this month's color, GREEN, either from Spunky Eclectic's Fiber Club or elsewhere.

At the end of the project, we can knit up the yarn into something and have quite a gallery, I hope!

In other news, I can hardly wait for Patrick Fitzgerald to let us know the fate of Karl Rove, American Traitor. And all the other chickens coming home to roost these days. Even Bill Kristol thinks we'll take back the House this year, woo-hoo! Watch Colbert host the Correspondents' Dinner tonight on C-Span (5:00 p.m. EDT). The Plame-Wilsons will be there and good-ole Turdblossom is scheduled to attend as well. I'm taping!

Craft-wise, I finally managed to warp the Peacock loom for our Girl Scout Troop Flag and that is one long project off my list!! They'll probably weave their stripes on next weekend's campout. Here's a picture of the warp on the loom.

The purple is our troop color and very closely matches their patch jackets. Each girl will weave in a stripe of her own choosing, and the leaders, and then we will put "Troop 291" on it and bring it to our big Service Unit Encampment in June to mark our area. I will post more pictures in progress.

Here are the yarns I finished this week (it's been a while since I finished anything so I was spinning singles of some sample batts I bought off ebay).

This one was turning out just TOO black, so I drafted a little magenta/rainbow glitz along with it and it perked it up a bit. This picture is pretty true on my computer.

This one is the first skein from my dye test run for the "Pilgrim" wool. It's pretty even, I think. Might go to the fair...but the second skein might be more even. Waiting for it to dry.

Later, all! Merry Fitzmas Eve!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just in case you were thinking I forgot...

Here's your politics for today:

This is how long we have under the chimp and his friends if we do not retake the House or the Senate this year. We can only hope that it will be a shorter time. My favorite option I've seen so far is: Democrats take House and Senate Majorities. Bush AND Cheney AND Rumsfeld impeached, NEW HOUSE SPEAKER TAKES OFFICE!!!

I know, won't happen. But I can dream.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Meanwhile, back at the Spinning Wheel...

Yes, I am alive. And spinning!! I've been spinning up some samples (about 1 oz. each) I bought off a vendor on Ebay as singles, about sportweight. One is mostly black with some gold, some magenta, and needed to be perked up a bit so I added some pink rainbow glitz to jazz it up. I like it! Also some purple/gold/orange roving and now on some purple/blue. It remains to be seen if I'll do the red/white, as pink just is not my thing. Maybe I'll save it for a trade at a later date...

Pilgrim has closed. We are sad about it, but hope that it will live on. Into the Light, There We Must Go! Forward to Fight our Greatest Foe! Abandon safety, abandon fear, reject despair and Carry On!

Knitting Jaywalker socks, log cabin shawl (yeah, right, gotta get on the stick on this one), Chutes and Ladders socks, baby sweater, Cul De Saq (again, no progress). I really do want enough socks for next fall to not wear commercial socks. Plus I need to finish something for the county fair and knit the FIL sweater. I did manage to make some lovely 2-ply from "Pilgrim" dyed wool which might be good enough.

More later!
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