Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Getting on the stick!

I have a lot on my plate in the next couple of weeks. Don't you?

  • Keep knitting and spinning for gifts (more important than ever!)
  • Bake 3 trillion cranberry breads
  • Submit resumes to anything interesting, especially as referred by friends (thanks, everyone!)
  • Clean the house ready for the tree
  • Do all the regular stuff (13 more days of work, 2 of those at home, 4 mostly singing
Am I counting down?

Of course, I will still be singing and I treasure the fact that I won't lose any friends or contact with anyone regardless of the office situation. I love so many people there!

And I plan to volunteer for the things I would have before: Vacation Bible School, Carnival, spring recital, even the theater group. I cannot walk away from those kids, they are so amazing!

But new opportunties are percolating and they are very exciting. But no jinxing!

My DH sent me to hear Mel Brooks interview Dick Cavett last night and it was hilarious, although it was more Mel than Dick, which was fine! Mel sang "Springtime for Hitler" in the style of Sinatra, Carl Reiner had to get up from the audience to tell how the Two Thousand Year Old Man came to be, a great evening. Thanks, sweetheart!



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