Thursday, March 16, 2006

Over it

You might be happy to know I'm over it now. Whew! What a hissy fit!

Back to the real matter of this blog: the knitting.

Of course, I'm still in mega cast on mode. Started the Camille Shawl from Unwind (they got more yarn in). This is my LYS, lucky me! Trying to finish it by next weekend so I can wear it to the opening night of DH's play. (

Halfway through knitting the second stripey sock for DS from handspun Corriedale bought at a fiber show from Village Spinning and Weaving. It was a bag of one ounce each of eight colors. I spun it up to be self striping but have ended up pulling the colors apart anyway, just to be sure all the stripes are the same size. Who knows whether a four and a half year old would wear extremely fraternal sockies? Can't take that chance. He does like the first one, although it is a big long. He gets a chance to grow into them, yay!

No progress on Cul de Sac, but I did manage to order more yarn from Knitpicks today for a shrug in a MIssion Falls book (my excuse is I need to try their new worsted weight cotton to see how it knits up) and another baby sweater for another pregnant friend. Another person I would like to cultivate for a closer relationship, too. Hope it works out better this time! See, I never learn...but better to be hurt than never to try, I think.

I am also trying NOT to swatch any Shine just to see how it looks at 22 spi, 23, spi and 24 spi. I know 24 is probably the best, but I can afford Knitpicks almost all the time and would really like to have more freedom of stashing, oh, yeah! DH is not freaked out by my ordering more yarn as the new baby's mom is really a friend of his. I always have to sneak in enough yarn for a sweater for ME or else i have to pay shipping and that would be HORRIFYING!!

Happy knitting and spinning and tell your Senators to VOTE FOR CENSURE!!!


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