Friday, June 09, 2006

The Knitting has begun

Here you will find the first toe of the first sock for my L.A. County Fair entry socks for 2006:

This took a long time. But I did go back and somewhat master Norwegian purling as I had to purl back this short row toe in two colors. It was fussy, sure, but it worked and this type of continental purling is VASTLY superior to any other way I've tried so far, IMHO. Your mileage may vary!

Now that I am ready to start knitting the foot bands, I have had to decide what the color combinations are and in what order they will occur. So what's the next background color? The one I haven't finished spinning yet!

Here's the orange about halfway done with the singles. I LOVE this color. Therefore, I will never achieve it again. This is a bunch of different oranges that I had dyed all carded together. It makes me happy!

However, I have ordered (thanks, DH who couldn't think of anything great for my birthday right after Mother's Day) a Lanaset Rainbows book and hopefully will ever after have a pretty good idea of how to mix the colors I want. Yay! I shall pore over it, looking for the perfect double split complementary (my favorite) harmonies. I will post a photo when it arrives!

Anyway, the sock toe feels like quite an accomplishment. A short row toe in two colors on 41 stitches, whew! Now I only have to do that three more times (heels are the same).

Off to Spectrum Spinalong! Have a wonderful day!


Blogger Heide said...

Hello there! Thank you for coming over to visit my blog. I posted a picture of the sweater that the sleeves go to for you. I spin beautifully! Someday I hope to give it a try. Cheers.

4:22 PM  

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