Thursday, July 20, 2006

(Project Runway Spoiler Alert) That was UNFAIR and also MEAN

Malan should NOT have been eliminated last night. It was rightly Angela and he was SO sad!! I feel like sending him an email of support myself! He doesn't have many friends and he liked them all. I know that's not a reason to keep him, but Angela was obnoxious, unhelpful, had no sense of teamwork, and can't SEW!!

My other issue, as I'm sure you will agree, is the ads for voting on the losers in the commercials, which totally spoils the surprise at the end. I'm going to write Bravo and let them know that I cannot watch ANY of their advertisers because of the spoilers. I will NOT see ANY commercials on that show EVER AGAIN.

Progress on socks but not enough to show yet. They should be finished today!!


Blogger Star said...

I must admit how upset I was about Malan going instead of Angela as well. She was trying to use everyone and what's with the "I don't sketch" business? She was just awful. I was really touched by what Malan said about trying to prove his mother was wrong when she tossed his sketches away - it broke my heart! And how he said he didn't feel connected to anything and now that he felt a part of something he had to go. So sad.

I use Tivo so I never watch the commercials anyway. That must be a drag to get a spoiler!

8:28 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I wrote Bravo an email about the spoiler. The fact that I can't watch any of the ads should occur to them.

See you tomorrow...the socks are done, woven and drying. I'm so glad!!

10:54 PM  

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