Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Trip to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

So after a week of playing, going to the beach, the movies, shopping, having fun and eating out, my mom and I headed in to hot NYC to see the taping of The Daily Show. If you're wondering what day it was, we were there for the "Desperate Soundbites" segment that people have been posting clips of ever since.

Thanks to my friend S, we were in the VIP line, not the regular line, which was great. We were the first ones there at about 4:00 so we decided to go buy a Sharpie in case of autograph oppportunities and came back. It was really hot.

We got back into line and were promptly joined by others. The staff graciously let people in and out to go to the bathroom, which I thought was extremely nice for New York. Restrooms are always hard to come by!

This is Mom holding our line numbers. We're really going in!!

While we were waiting, the guys behind us wanted a high five for Bush. I refused, of course, and a conversation ensured. Meanwhile, my mom was so incensed she didn't participate. Afraid she would boil over. I understand. And they were drunk. Oh, yes, they were drunk. But I will engage people in debate about these things as long as they don't engage in personal attacks (keep reading!).

They turned out to be police officers from South Jersey. I don't really know why they were there. At first one of them claimed to be a cousin of Jon, but I don't think so. He tried to convince me of totally unbelievable things quite a few times and I think that was the first instance.

I won't transcribe our conversation. I believe that government exists to serve the people, to help the people when they are in trouble, to protect the people from harm. They believed that Republicans think that people should work for what they get, not get handed anything. That was pretty much it. For them, it was all about the money. For me, it is all about the people. They didn't have any arguments against me.

I stopped talking to them when they accused me of being a communist. Typical.

But I promised them that I wouldn't call them a**holes in my blog and so I won't.

By the time we got in, I was just hoping that we wouldn't have to sit together so they couldn't ruin our fun. And it worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, no photography in the studio!

We had a great time. Jon is just like he seems on TV, as far as we could tell. Quite serious about preparing between segments. All in all, it was an amazing experience that I would love to repeat! Or Colbert...Ooh, that just gives me goosebumps...I spent the entire show staring at Jon. I had to lean over and say to my mother, "I wonder if he knows I would have sex with him." TO MY MOTHER!!

So thanks again, S! It was unforgettable!


Blogger Heide said...

Oh heck, your mom would have probably had sex with him too. Hee, hee. I am usually a very liberal person (can't stand Bush even though I have strong military affiliations). However, I feel very frustrated with many of the social programs that exist today. Not belonging to any of the accepted minorities left my family in a pergutory during my husband's recent 7 months of unemployment. We qualified for absolutely no help whatsoever from anybody and yet others in similar situations were able to receive help. Mind you, I do not blame the recipients in anyway. However, I do believe that ALL politicians tend to overlook large segments of our population when laws, etc. are created. Basically, I don't trust any politician as far as I can throw them, regardless of their party affiliation.

1:43 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Heide, I totally sympathize with you about falling through the cracks. There is a level of income which is not sufficient for a family but which is still to high to qualify for things. This is one of the things which MUST be remedied, since the middle class in our country is being hit so hard.

And as liberal/progressive and anti-Bush as I am, one of things that upsets me most is the lack of support for the military as people, health care, families, stop-loss, proper equipment and this week we heard about the cardboard cutouts, shameful.

Our family is lucky in one way that we are poor enough to qualify for health care in our state. But my best friend, who ends up with a much worse bottom line than I do, makes too much money to get any help at all.

I'm so glad for you that your days of unemployment are over! And things will be less worrisome very soon. Have you already made the move? Best of luck with everything!

4:05 PM  

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