Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Milestone

I have apparently uploaded more than 200 photos to Flickr and now can only access the most recent 200 or upgrade to a not-free account. Who knew?

Christmas was a mixed bag, although, of course, lovely to see family from far away. We were sick, sick, sick and didn't really recover (still haven't entirely) until the Friday after Der Tag. Then we went to PA to visit DH's family but by the time we got back my poor mother had come down with the bug, too. Sorry about the germs, mom!

However, we still had a good time and gave and received many lovely gifts!

Today's photo, the modeled Arwen:

arwen modeled

I think it really came out great. It fits, thanks to those reversible cables on the sleeve cuffs, and looks great on mom!

In other knitting, I finished DD's Fetchings: DD fetching

And my own. But I couldn't find one for a few days so I haven't taken pictures. I must also take pictures of the BIG presents we got, and they are BIG. And FUN.

More later!



Blogger Heide said...

Arwen is gorgeous! I hope to pull mine out of the wardrobe next week and begin knitting again. Is that your Mom? She's gorgeous too! I posted a political quiz at the bottom of my latest post. It's interesting.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Weaver said...

you know that the older pics are still there and are still on the blog or ravelry or where ever you put them, you just can't see them on flicker, right? Just wanted to make sure you knew this :) I learned about it on ravelry. all the projects look so great!!! My youngest's middle name is Arwen, so I know that someday, I will be knitting that sweater :)

6:43 AM  

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