Wednesday, January 02, 2008

If I can get my sh*t together

I will post a video of the kids opening their Wii. Shrieks!

I think that 2008 is going to be the year of the sweater. This will mean more sweater knitting than 2007, which if I really think about it, was a 4 sweater year! (Rogue, Top down green sweater, Wallaby, Arwen) Yikes!

I also need to make some more socks before more of these give up the ghost. I went to reheel my Koigu socks and figuring out how to get them back on the needles was a HUGE pain. I may have to start doing all my heels and toes in contrasting colors, just to find them more easily the second time. I also think that unfortunately Koigu is not the best choice (I knew this) as those socks have been worn less than any other pair other than the very first handspun and already need new heels and toes. They are also rather boring color wise so I might let them go...

Anyway, sweater plans! You all (that would be like three people) know about the Kauni sweater I will be spinning for all spring, that's one. I also really want a Must Have Cardigan. I must have it (oh, did I really just write that?!?). I need to finish my Evil Top-Down Raglan (possibly in the next three days) and Scoop du Jour (give me another week or so). That's four. Summer Braids has been lurking for quite a while. Bettna! Tangled Yoke! Oh, and my Christmas trip to the LYS in NJ yielded enough Manos del Uruguay for an Imogen (which may be first as it is easy and quick). Eight. Doable, right? No deadlines helps.

Yes, I have a thing about cardigans. The thing is, in my climate, it gets chilly often but not really cold. A layer to throw on is a lovely thing, but a pullover doesn't get wear except on vacation. I absolutely want a Philosopher's Wool sweater someday. But not yet! And the kids' Wallabies will last them another year for sure. DH could use socks or something, but doesn't wear sweaters. I think I'm in the clear! There could be baby gifts in the offing, I suppose but those are small and easy to work into the queue.

So no resolutions except to spin every day (I'm doing NaSpiMoMo with Margene, et al. over at Ravelry) and get a handspun sweater into the Fair.

Sound like fun? Does to me!

Off to it!

Hope you had a safe, happy, joyous holiday and new year's!



Blogger Heide said...

I've done the Philosopher's Wool sweater gig before. The patterns are pretty basic, but I'd recommend Cascade 220 or another less-expensive and more consistent worsted for the yarn. I sold my PW book on ebay this past summer or else I'd send it down your way. Happy 2008 to you and your family. Only a little over a year until 1-20-08!

5:31 PM  
Blogger Carly said...

Wow. Am impressed with your level of intent on sweaters. The only sweaters I've completed are preemie-sized (and those were more t-shirts than sweaters). But, I'm juggling many personal commitments (who isn't, though, right?), leaving an hour or two per week max for knitting. So, hat's off to you. Best of luck on keeping to your goals!!

8:09 AM  
Blogger Friender said...

I can't wait to see photos of your top-down raglan...and then Imogen! Come see my blog..I'm giving away yarn. - Jen

4:46 AM  

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