Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Letter to Scholastic Press

I am the mother of two elementary school children, one in kindergarten and the other in second grade. I patronize our Scholastic Book Fairs and I purchase books through the ordering process monthly, as I like my children to have something new to read that is high quality and affordable.

However, if you persist in supporting the propaganda put forth by Disney and ABC, not to mention our lawbreaking and unashamed administration in the mini-series "Path to 9/11" by supplying "educational materials" which depict utterly untrue and fictional stories about this watershed event in America's history, I will NEVER buy another product associated with your company. And I will explain to my children, their teachers, our school administrators and other parents in their school exactly why I will not.

I am sure that I am not the only parent by a long shot who feels this way. The more of us who make this decision and talk about it publicly, the less business Scholastic will do. Please be responsible and do not let this fiction be billed as "education."

Thank you for your time.

I hope this does some good. Join in if you feel the urge!! They should not be allowed to tell our children that this is history. Or make them study propaganda unless it's as an example of what bad governments do.

I am absolutely incensed about this mini-series. And they have been so blatantly partisan about it, not allowing Clinton administration officials who happen to be portrayed in the film even a screening copy. Allowing Rush Limbaugh to screen it before final ediing. Unbelievable!! Disney/ABC/Scholastic will receive none of my hard-earned money if this airs. I will not even watch "Lost" any more. Makes me wish we were a Neilsen family!!

Keep your eye on the news today!


Blogger joyfossil said...

Well, I am the mother of one 4th grade elementary schooler and a teacher in said elementary schools...

I have seen some short articles about this - that there are inaccuracies and possible blatant falsehoods in this 'Path to 9/11' however I didn't see what they were or why. Can you tell us?

Although I know that everyone, even Disney/ABC is out for the money, it does seem odd that a company that is so concerned with image/family values would put this out there. Not good, not good at all.

Are they seriously putting out educational material to be put out to go along with this show? I have seen PBS shows do that but I haven't seen too many 'regular' networks do this... someone (like our idiotic leader) must reallllly want this falsehood proliferated.

What bothers me more than anything in all this is that anyone would DARE to try to make money off of the pain of the tragedy. The movie that just came out, the tv shows (almost even the documentary types like Katie Couric's last night, which I watched) all of it... it is in this non-religious persons opinion a SIN. Compared to any none-of-my-business infidelities President Clinton may have done, this is unthinkable to me! It makes me livid!

Boy can I not wait till next November! The current administration has made a mockery of society.

I wonder if they would really pull this show - the almighty dollar rules... and it cost money and will undoubtably make money for them... I wonder.

I was a Nielsen family... twice actually. They still cancelled 30Something... :(

I am with you, friend.
(Still knitting sox... this one is taking forever.)

2:46 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I emailed you quite a rant, Joy!

Scholastic has backed off, yay!

4:58 PM  

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