Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And now to pay it forward

Having been named by Heide, I must pay the happiness forward and name seven of my favorite blogs so here goes! I will leave out some ubiquitous ones (this means you, Yarn Harlot) as everyone would list them but here are some people who have been supremely nice to me as a cyber friend and a couple in real life.

I got to meet Star a couple of years ago when we were both entering yarns in the L.A. County Fair. She's as nice as can be and has done some yarn crawling with me. I drove her yarns to the fairgrounds that year and have been keeping up with her exploits ever since. She's moving to Portland this spring but I sure hope she keeps blogging!

I get a huge kick out of Rose-Kim's blog, especially her "What the Hell is this" feature on Thursdays. Snarky, sure. But always right!

Rainy is a person I met over the tubes and then in real life. She's having a rather hard week/year and could use some cyber hugs. She's a terrific mom, knitter and spinner and I hope everyone goes over for a visit! When are we spinning together again?

Trek is another blogger I've met in person. She lives out near my mom and very kindly invited me to her knitting group last summer vacation. She has a cutie little Neatnick and a wonderful way with words.

Can you tell I like actually meeting you all?

Three more...

I know a lot of people read Cara's blog, but I'd like to give her a little encouragement, as some people seem to be very critical of her postings sometimes. I like hearing about her pregnancy tribulations as well as her fibery pursuits and her photography is UNBELIEVABLE!

Someone who's been very kind and helpful to me without even knowing it, I'm sure, is Melanie at Pink Lemon Twist. When I first got DSL and didn't know anything or anywhere to go, I used Melanie's blog as a sort of a hub from which I found all kinds of great stuff as well as really enjoying her blog itself. Thanks, Melanie!

And finally (although by no means is this the last person who's been nice to me over the tubes) Faith at The Needle and the Damage Done. Super mom, super knitter, super spinner and all around fun blog with lots of photos of her lovely family in Europe. She had a new baby, Daisy, this year and is really a breath of fresh air.

So that's it for now. Guess I'm supposed to let everybody know they're listed here and put up the button. Huge thanks to Heide for including me and for putting me on your blogroll! You would be here, too, if you weren't upstream!

And I would like to say that of course Edwards has dropped out, I just ordered my lawn sign. Sigh.



Anonymous Cara said...

Thank you! I appreciate your support!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Star said...

Thanks!!! I think you're pretty nice too :-)

10:03 AM  

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