Friday, February 01, 2008

We did NOT get a dog today

But we will soon, I'm sure. We keep seeing dogs that we like (rescued) and then losing the lottery to get them. Or seeing dogs that are not quite it, but that we could adopt right away. It's tough on DH, who really wants a dog more than I do. I feel like the right dog will come if we're open and looking so I want to wait. And the kids are SO disappointed when we don't get one that they went to meet.

I know, I know, we probably shouldn't take them to see the dogs. But they get a say, too!

Anyway, I said I wouldn't post another unfinished Imogen picture but I lied:

I fell asleep last night. But since yesterday I have become obsessed with knitting some socks from handspun. Nothing new about that! I rather want to try the Rainbow socks from Magknits with some self striping or two (or three or four, you know how I am). So some spinning is in the offing. I might try out the pattern with the Trekking yarn from earlier this week since when I get past the ribbing I can decide what's next.

I'm rather tired of commercial yarns, though, for the moment. I have enough Crown Mountain Farms superwash spun up for a small shawl. I have lots of sock yarn, but not in four ounce amounts. I have three colorways of Romney that could be a bag or be added to for a sweater. And Celebration is almost finished. Can I make socks out of Shetland? Or should I do a Forest Canopy? Or what? Decisions, decisions. Imogen first!

I think I've made up my mind about my primary vote on Tuesday. The debate last night really showed how smart they both are, how policy-oriented, how well versed in the issues. They would make a killer ticket together. She wins on health care, he wins on Iraq. It's a very difficult decision.



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